5 things you must know before investing in digital marketing

by waqas Thu Jun 11

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I despise everyone who makes digital marketing sound like something from outer space and something that a regular person can’t really understand.

I want to reveal to you 5 things which you must be 100% clear on before investing into digital marketing.

1. Set up your goals

Begin by asking yourself this: What business goals do you wish to achieve on social media? Is it brand awareness? Increased engagement? Lead generation? How much revenue do you need to breakeven in your business?

Once you have identified what you want, now we can establish key metrics that we can use to track how successful we are towards these goals, simple, you would have done this in the past and you have to do it today.

2. Define your audience

One big mistake I see businesses make is trying to target everyone. There are 3.5 billion daily active users online but targeting everyone is not only costly but very ineffective and time-consuming.

Instead, you should focus on a very specific ideal customer:

Who are they? What do they want? How can you help them? What do they like?

3. Choose the right platform

Each platform attracts different audiences and requires different content forms. For example, Facebook is a highly visual B2C platform whereas Linkedin is a text-based B2B platform.

Google PPC is perfect for buyers with intent while Google Local Pack is amazing for local businesses with physical locations. Where are your efforts going to go and Why?

4. The 360-degree view

Back in the day, you used to post a local ad, advertised on signage boards, and do mail drops.

So, what do you do now? Now, you must have the best website, incredible creatives, Facebook and google ads setup but remember people will only come if they trust you (which is achieved through ‘backlinks’.

5. Test, analyze and repeat

Your business has started doing well, does that mean you relax and stop working?

No. To stay on top of your game, you test which social streams are doing and you double down on it. You ask for feedback about how you can improve!


In essence, marketing your business has requires strategy, plan and execution. The thing which has changed from traditional marketing is, you can do it all online.


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