5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Today

by M Ismail Fri Mar 26

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In recent years, LinkedIn has proven to be the best platform for targeting B2B leads

For users looking to consume content relating to their industry, LinkedIn is their best bet.

Because unlike Facebook where you have to see what your distant cousin is up to in her kitchen or you have to keep up with trends about the latest celebrity divorce and politics, you can head on to LinkedIn to check press releases, trending new developments in your industry. 

And because most people on LinkedIn want the best the platform could offer, it’s in their best interest to keep their profiles up-to-date which allows you to target your ideal audience avatar using the targeting options.   

This feature which includes interest targeting gives you the power to serve your ads to exclusive, highly-qualified audiences.

With this, you can advertise to the people whose behavior indicates that they’re interested in what you’re offering.

Here’s how it works

Just like most social platforms, LinkedIn tracks behavior – every time you engage with content by liking or sharing a post, LinkedIn records the subject matter and shows you Ads relating to them. 

By using interest targeting, you make sure that you only get the attention of LinkedIn users who’ve demonstrated an interest in you.

That’s why LinkedIn is the best bet for your generation of quality, an ideal place to be if you want to generate higher quality B2B leads. 

But, it’s important to note that not all strategies pull the strings you want.  

This is why today, I’ve compiled 5 powerful ways for you to leverage LinkedIn Lead Generation. 

Let’s get you properly set up, shall we?

1. Offer valuable products or services

There are currently half a billion users on LinkedIn.

That might sound like a lot, but the truth is many people on LinkedIn thinks what they have to offer is amazing (big mistake).

Even when your product or service is amazing (I’m pretty sure of it), it doesn’t make it a legitimate reason for someone to force their products down your throat and expect you to buy without getting to know you – not even with a product demo. 

The truth is, no matter what budget you have or what campaign you are running, If the content or offer you have isn’t important, no one is going to want it.

This is why you need to make sure you can offer something of value to your prospects that doesn’t come off as selling. 

Linkedin ad about the product

This could be anything from a success story report to a quick summary of common issues your ideal lead faces and how to solve them, sometimes without mentioning your service or product. 

Do you know what that does?

It attracts people who already like you but are curious if they can trust you enough to work with you.

So, do some research, understand what your market wants, and then deliver something amazing at a low-ball offer or price of one lead gen form fill.

2. Incorporate your CRM to follow up with leads immediately

LinkedIn might allow you to directly integrate with your CRM for lead gen ads submissions, depending on what platform you use. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management but it typically refers to a tool that helps businesses track and manage interactions with customers and prospects. 

It’s a database that holds information like first name, last name, email address, company, a log of encounters with your business, and so on.

Although you can manually export your leads, integrating your CRM will make life so much easier.


It saves you the time of having to manually export leads on a regular basis. Which to be honest can be nerve-wracking.

Plus, there’s nearly no lag time from when the user fills out the form to when they’re already part of whatever follow-up sequence any other user would be after filling. With CRM in play, the B2B leads are able to start working their way into your nurture flows immediately.

So if you want some more information, you can find the details on how to link your CRM and LinkedIn depending on the platform you use.

3. Treat the LinkedIn lead gen form text fields like a landing page

When advertising, the user most likely won’t visit your website until they are convinced (which is probably at the confirmation page at least). 

This is why it’s important to treat the form text itself as if it’s the landing page.

Put some time and effort when creating your form content the same way you would do when crafting your landing pages.

Putting into consideration that you are spending quite a lot on expensive LinkedIn CPC, to net profit, you need to come off as a brand that’s worth the user’s information.

Image has LinkedIn lead gen form

Unlike landing pages, there are text limits, so there is a need to be concise but appealing as well as persuasive.  Use the “Offer Headline” and “Offer Details” sections of the lead gen form to tell the user what benefit they’ll get from filling out the form. 

That sounded pretty easy, right?

4. Give users two ways to get their information

If you are offering whitepapers, industry reports, depending on what you’re offering through your ads, it’s important to give users different options as to how they’re going to engage with your content.

In some cases, the user might decide to read the content immediately or  come back to later, you should consider giving them multiple ways to engage with your offer.

You can do this by sending the website link and the landing page URL alongside the confirmation.

This way, if your audience wants the content you offer immediately, they can click through the URL and get it.

Furthermore, if they endeavor to engage with the content immediately, you should have your CRM email them another route for getting back in.

 Even if it’s a short note reminding them “Here’s the industry report you requested,” that person might refer back to the information and continue to see your brand as an educational source and the unicorn of your industry. 

5. Use the Linkedin Website Demographics feature

To keep things a little bit neat in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can segment visitors to your website from your LinkedIn ads based on their position, job function, company, company size, and more. 

There is Even A Better LinkedIn Lead Generation Process

Although LinkedIn lead gen ads can be a notable way to get decent conversion rates out of the already expensive audience…

The truth is there is a better way.

What’s more? 

It doesn’t involve paid ads and works magic whenever we want it to.

This process is our secret LinkedIn lead generation formula.

And here’s the gist…

After having optimised your profile into a highly converting landing page – by creating a Killer tagline, Optimising your about me section, and high converting testimonial sections.  

Next, you need to start pumping out highly engaging content. As explosive or Million dollar worth of leads cannot happen without great content.

How to create viral LinkedIn content which will boost your personal brand. 

Before we go further… A quick question

If you get a random email or message in your inbox, will you ever buy from them? 

Chances are you most likely won’t. That’s where content comes in. 

To build your business to get people to know, like and trust you, there is a need to post good content which is educational and entertaining. 

Couple it with the personal parts of running a business — your personal journey, team building, the parts that make you human. 

Authenticity and vulnerability is looked down upon in the business world, but I believe that is what sets someone apart on social media especially LinkedIn. 

For me I’m a digital marketing expert so I had to give away knowledge about SEO, LinkedIn and sales funnel automation. 

I also had moved from corporate to startup, which many people aspire to achieve who were my target customers and I shared my transition story, the ups and down in transition, building a world-class team at Rareiio, the sacrifices along the way, things that people rarely talk about in the business world.

Here is some of my content that did well organically for me and why they worked. 

LinkedIn post with high post reach & views

This did well because I chose to be honest and vulnerable about my journey. It’s a story about my journey in the corporate world and how my co-founder and I started Rareiio – we wanted to make sure our employees were treated with respect and kindness.

This did well because once again I shared my vulnerability.

Truth is, the world is used to people faking it on social media, and only talking about their successes, my content ensures that people see both the ups and downs of the business world. That’s why my audience trusts me, listens to me, and eventually will also want to buy from me.

Can you see how this works? Before a pitch was sent to my prospects, they had seen my content and they already knew me, and therefore wanted to do business with me.

This is something you should incorporate in your LinkedIn game as well. 

Now, let’s talk about inbound leads driven by content and no automation.

I made sure every person who connected with me and was an ‘ideal customer of Rareiio — someone working in a corporate job and side-by-side building their side hustle OR was a CEO who needed digital marketing automation.

Then, I sent them a message asking them why they wanted to connect with me. In this step, you’d want to make sure that you’re not selling to them. Here are some of the messages I was sending to them

Linkedin welcome message to connections

And I got a reply saying;

LinkedIn reply

Pretty impressive right?

But if you want more inbound leads, less time, and more employees, then you should opt-in for the automation. 

You can automate this process and growth hack to send automated sequences at scale so your profile connects with your ideal prospects even when you sleep.

 This landed me 7 high-quality meetings per week valued at a $500k sales pipeline in the 1st week of growth hacking LinkedIn. I combined that with the content I was pushing out, which meant before I reached out to them they already knew what I do, who I was, and what I believed in. 

Get access to a sales navigator and start filtering out who your ‘ideal customer is.

Linkedin Sales navigator overview

Then use the sales navigator URL and get your digital marketing team to start running automation.

  1. Send automation connection requests based on sales navigator URL s.
  2. There is a dux-soup and LinkedIn helper for this part.
  3.  Send messages once the profile connects.
  4.  Follow up messages when they don’t respond. We have written our own scripts for this part! 
  5. Set up webhooks and send all your leads to a CRM tool like HubSpot. 
  6. In case they aren’t active on LinkedIn, you can go a step further — scrape their emails using email scraping services like Drop contact and Hunter.io and set up email marketing automation sequences. 
  7. Contact me to get my agency to do this for you
  8. Combine that with the content, and before they see your message, they’ve already been nurtured through 5-6 touchpoints and are now warm enough for your team to close.  

Can you see how easy life could be by automating the connect and messaging part?

Use these tips for better LinkedIn Lead Generation 

You can follow them step by step to create content that attracts leads. 

Or… If you want some help executing these strategies and bringing in leads consistently for your business, Get in touch


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