6 Key Challenges You must prepare for When Building a Marketplace App

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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Today, technology-oriented start-ups are popping up worldwide. Now that smartphones are becoming must-haves, development agencies are investing a great amount of money into mobile app development to take benefit from the surging demand. Where the mobile app development market is rising successfully, severe challenges are taking place that is being faced by app designers and developers.

Here we’ve listed key challenges you need to beware of when building a marketplace app.

1.  Choosing the wrong app to develop

It is one of the greatest challenges; as it is quite difficult to decide which direction to take to figure out what is needed to be developed. There is a lot of competition in the market of mobile app development and it is a great challenge to develop something that stands out from the crowd.

2.  Overcrowded & Competitive Market

As there is an uncountable number of similar applications available on app stores, it is hard to make yours one unique and more appealing to the users. App developers should understand what appeals the most to the users and how to keep users engaged to your platform. Here, app developers should undertake the challenging task of keeping the app’s innovation quotient high that will make sure a higher number of users remain engaged. Furthermore, it will assist you in building a loyal customer base.

3.  Undefined Target Market

From the business perspective of mobile app development, it is imperative to stream a definitive target market. So to make sure that the market is large enough to offer a revenue stream, is a beneficial prerequisite as well, the company should monitor all metrics like installs as well as download costs to get customers, average revenue per user, average session lengths, etc. It means finding an authentic analytics solution.

4.  Lack of Development Technology

It’s a core technical challenge to beware when developing an app. However, selecting a suitable development technology for the app as well as for deciding on whether to make a Hybrid, Cross-platform or Native, a mobile application is quite technical term.

Choosing the wrong development of technology can result in poor app performance, over-expenditure, as well as lackluster user experience. Hence, building an app on a platform that is flexible to be adaptable as well as best suits the customer’s target functionality is recommended.

5.  Compatibility Errors

Designing an app for only the selective range of devices as well as screen sizes is not a good option.  Therefore, developing an app that can run fluidly across all devices and screen sizes is a must. Here, you should some responsive design for apps, as it gives screens more flexibility and can be adjusted to suit different screen sizes as well as various formats.

6.  Full proof Security

Security issues are nagging concerns for mobile developers. Malware problems can arise and software/hardware fragmentation adds to the list of woes. iOS provides strict guidelines for app its development whereas android doesn’t provide such instructions. 

Unless authentic security measures have complied, a lapse in security can easily lead to losing information, poor user experience as well as scarce app adoption. Meeting the optimum security norms is the best way to create a secure client usage space, protecting data and user’s credentials as well as financial transactions.


Dealing with the above mentioned key challenges is a daunting task but it’s not impossible. Professional developers know how to create a great app to deliver the best user experience. Hence, no need to hire untrained app developers for the sake of saving money, as it will cost you higher in the long run.


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