6 things you must know before you hire a freelance web developer

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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In a world full of Freelance Web developers, it is easy to hire the wrong developer. There are some key things you need to beware of when hiring a freelance web developer.

1. Beware of the “yes sir” developers

Many freelancers say yes to all your questions and requirements. Most entrepreneur or professional businessman trust them blindly. So, before jumping into the process of hiring the first web developer you find, stop! Think, research, and take the time to find a highly skilled developer who you can communicate well and who will ensure your website is a powerful marketing machine.

2. Lack of in-depth experience

Many freelance web developers don’t have extensive knowledge about complex development work. You need to beware there are freelance developers who pretend to know it all. Don’t let these types of developers lead you down the rabbit hole! One good way to know if they are good or not is to try them out for a day or two on small tasks before hiring.

3. Lack of technical skills

Reviewing a developer’s portfolio is a quick way to determine if he or she has the expertise to execute your requirement. Furthermore, reviewing their portfolio will give you a look into their technical capability. When looking through their work, try to see whether they have completed a project similar to yours. 

4. Beware of No Testimonial developer

Ask the web developer for customer contact details so you can verify their on-page testimonials. Anyone can make up customer testimonials, but only good developers will be willing to share past customer contact details.

5. Lack of expertise in both front-end and back-end development

Most Freelance Web Developers are not experts in both backend and frontend. They will usually be good at one of those skills. Great web development requires teamwork; therefore, beware when hiring a freelancer web developer on complex projects. 

6. No response developer

Freelance web developers are known to not reply when things get tough. You see freelance developers are not supported by senior developers (as they are in an agency), so when problem gets complex, they often run away and will not execute on final product. This is not true for all, but bewares!

Final Thought

Today, hiring IT freelancers is the thing to do, but you need to beware of the challenges that also come with this. Beware of the mishaps which can happen when hiring a freelance web developer and trust your gut instinct!


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