Non-Tech Founders Screwed By Software Developers! The new solution

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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Nothing disgusts me more than seeing the hopes and dreams of Founders being squashed by web developers.

Every week, I’m contacted by at least a dozen Founders who’ve had a terrible experience and lost thousands of dollars due to a shit web developer. 

When I meet someone who’s wasted significant time and money, it breaks my heart and I remember how badly I was burnt the first time I built a tech product — it’s the main reason I set up Rareiio, to help Non-Tech Founders go from Idea to digital product cost-effectively and as painlessly as possible.

Highly experienced corporate executives are the biggest targets! I myself have been screwed!

I was a Non-Tech Founder working in a corporate job who lost lots of money and lots of time. I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes I made! Believe it or not, it’s the highly experienced corporate executives or other professionals with deep subject matter expertise, who are the juiciest or easiest targets for bad or inexperienced developers because they have deeper pockets.

I set upRareiio to help Non-Tech Founders build and bring great products to market. I want to help Founders. especially those who are recovering from a terrible learning experience or need help crystallising their idea into a digital product for a development build.

Announcing Rareiio Non-Tech Founder Office Hours

Not all Founders have an idea (or the budget) to develop a product right now. I promise I’ll give you honest and transparent feedback based on my own experience.

I’m getting dozens of requests for mentoring and help, so I’ve decided to set up formal Office Hours to support Non-Tech Founders, twice a week, in person at Fishburners in Sydney or on a call. If you’re new to the tech world, ‘Office Hours’ is a free service, by more experienced Founders to give back to others to help build a strong eco-system.

I want to save you heartache, money and lots of time. 

Let’s meet up soon for a chat during Rareiio’s new Office Hours.

About Mellonie Francis

I love meeting people who want to build and scale digital products. For me, it’s extremely satisfying seeing the impact the right software can have on an industry when designed, developed and marketed correctly.

I created Rareiio after having an horrific experience with building my first tech product using inexperienced developers. I lost thousands of dollars and nearly a year in development to end up with nothing. I am determined to make sure great Non-Tech Founders don’t have the same bad experience as me.

My agency, Rareiio was created to support Non-Tech Founders to build disruptive technology, fast, cost-effectively and as painlessly as possible. You can see our extensive portfolio, consisting of our own digital products and our client portfolio. In a short-time, Rareiio has grown to a 16-person team with offices in Sydney and Lahore and has built dozens of digital products for clients in Australia and the USA.

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