What are the actual steps involved in web development?

What are the actual steps involved in web development?

When it comes to developing a website, there are so many steps before programming commences. Before any website or app is created there are several steps involved that non-technical people are often unaware off.

For example there are hours, days, and nights spent on designing the perfect UI/UX interface. After web designers pass their designs to developers, there are many fights between designers and developers about ease of converting design to web.

Ok, so the process of web development may seem baffling, but it is essential to know the steps of web development if you are thinking about hiring a web development company.

So, what does the Web Development Process look like?

  1. Customer Need Analysis
  2. In-depth Research & Analysis
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Unique Design
  5. High-End Development
  6. End to end Testing & Deployment
  7. Post Deployment & Maintenance

1. Customer Need Analysis 

Usually, people believe web development process starts with development and design but the fact is that the first step is and the most crucial step is understanding your customer’s need. This means get the complete requirement from your customer and understand their end goal. If your client has a technical background, it may be easier to understand his or her requirement. But if your client is non-technical, then you will need to ask a number of questions to get a good understanding of the features.

2. Competitor Analysis

Every web development requires research and analysis. Often this means looking at competitor websites, understanding user experiences, gathering as much information as possible to create the best web application or website which will beat the competitors websites.

3. Wireframing

After completing customer need analysis, competitor analysis, it is time to formulate the sitemap, wireframing, layout planning, UI/UX.

4. Custom Web Design

Once you are done with wireframes as well as the sitemap, it’s time to design webpage individually. At this stage, professional graphic designers’ work with the approved wireframes with custom graphics, colors, logo, animations, typography, buttons and create click through designs.

5. Planning 

Here you need to focus on features, projected timeline and resources to fulfill your goal. A good web development company will use tools like jira or Basecamp or Trello to set up the project timeline so it’s clear for all parties.

6. Web Development

Now programming will commence. First the frontend developer will convert all the designs made previously from paper to code.

The frontend developer will use HTML and CSS (types of codes) to bring the design to life.

Now expert backend developers who will ensure functions work (I.e if I press on a button it will take me somewhere) will start programming  the business logic to bring everything to reality.

7. Testing 

After the development process is completed or as features are completed, the website goes through numerous tests to make sure no bugs. Usually a software house has a quality team on hand who test functionality, compatibility, usability, performance test, etc. rigorously.

8. Go Live

At this stage, web developers will deploy the source code to cloud servers, and go live.

8. Maintenance

The work does not end here, the website usually needs to continue to be maintained and optimised for functionality and speed.


Now you have a clear view of the steps involved in the web development process. So, whether you are a big established business looking to work on your online presence or a startup, you have the process down pat!

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