Why work at Rareiio?

Because you strive to be the BEST in your field.

Rareiio Pty Ltd is hiring. Head Quarters in Sydney, Australia and Lahore, Pakistan. We are continually on the hunt for talented UI UX designers, experienced developers and business development managers. To work with Rareiio, you must be very driven, passionate and persistent to deliver outcomes to your clients. We love meeting talent who are naturally talented but also won't stop until they become the best in their field.

A brief overview of our hiring process

Rareiio hires the top 2-5% talent in the industry based on tests and comprehensive interviews.

Initial Screening

Candidates are taken through an intensive testing process that varies based on the role. You will be required to supply evidence of previous work and portfolio in this step.

Real-Time Interview

The candidate will be asked to perform design, programming or business development tests to assess real-world skills. Interns who worked with Rareiio previously can skip this step.

Team Member Affirmation

The candidate must be assessed by the team they are joining with team members affirming the candidate will be a good fit for the team.

Comprehensive Reference Checking

We perform comprehensive reference checks to make sure of the legitimacy of the candidate.

Final sign-off from one of the Co-CEOs

Finally one of the co-CEOs interviews & signs off on every single hire!