Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which produces better leads for your business?

by M Ismail Tue Oct 20

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David vs Goliath…

Muhammed Ali vs Joe Frazier…

Muhammed Ali vs Joe Frazier...

The Undertaker vs Mankind…

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao…

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao...

What do all these have in common?

They are examples of heavyweight battles from biblical times to recent times.

And if there’s ever going to be any face-off between two big industry heavyweights, it has to be between Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Because these platforms have overtime proved to be instrumental in helping business owners reach millions of customers, generating quality leads and conversions.

Yet one question most people always ask is:

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, which one is better?

You are reading this article because you are also want to know which is better.

You are at the point where you have to make a decision between the two platforms.

So you need answers to questions like:

  1. Which one is right for my business?
  2. Should I invest in both platforms?
  3. Which platform will cost more?
  4. Which platform has a better ROI

Well, it all comes down to certain factors.

And that’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article.

But before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at how each platform works.

How Facebook Ads Platform Work

Facebook started out in 2004 as a social media platform where people go online to connect with their friends and family.

16 years later, the objective still remains the same.

That said, thousands of companies spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads to generate leads and sales for their business.

And the reason is simple.

With over 2.7 billion Facebook users (and counting) worldwide, you can easily create awareness for your business.

Statistics 2020

You can reach millions of people who have never heard of your business before.

People who were not even searching but when your ads pop up on their screen, they are likely to engage.

You also can use it to generate leads for your business.

Facebook ads has a wide range of targeting options based on age, location, gender, interests, behaviour and more.

While Facebook News Feed placement is the most popular you can also show your ads on other Facebook-owned platforms like Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

You can select a campaign objective that matches your goal.

The best part?

You can retarget people who have previously engaged with your business before – known as a custom audience.

And you can create an audience of people who look like your custom audience – called a lookalike audience.

There’s a lot you can do with Facebook Ads.

And that’s why there are over 6 million businesses using Facebook ads to grow their business.

How Google Ads Platform Work

If Facebook helps you find customers, then Google helps customers find you.

Because, while people go on Facebook to connect, people go on Google search for information.

And according to Internet Live Starts 3.5 billion searches happen every day on Google.

That’s a lot of eyes and more importantly high-intent buyers.

Studies say 46% of product searches start on Google.

See why it makes sense to place your ads in front of that many eyes?

Once you set up Google Ads, Google shows your ad only to people that are searching with specific keywords that you choose.

However, aside from Google Search ads, there are other formats you can advertise on:

  1. Google Display ads
  2. Video Ads (YouTube ads)
  3. Shopping ads
  4. Google Maps

However, for the purpose of this article, I’ll be using Google Search ads.

When deciding what platform to use for your business, here are five factors to consider:

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: 5 Factors to Consider

1. Goal

Before you choose a platform, the first thing you need to consider is your goal.

What are you trying to achieve?

  1. Create awareness
  2. Generate leads
  3. Get Engagement
  4. Make sales

Knowing this will make it easier to determine which platform to us.

If you want to create awareness, build engagement and generate leads, Facebook ads is your best bet.

But if you want to drive targeted traffic to your website and get more conversions based on keywords related to your product, then Google Ads is the right choice.

2. Audience

Another important question you need to ask yourself before choosing a platform is:

  1. Is my target audience on Facebook?
  2. Is my target audience searching for keywords related to my business?

There’s no point running Google Ads if no one is searching for keywords related to your product.

The best thing is to create awareness on Facebook and take it before through a sales funnel.

However, if your audience is not on Facebook, you may be better off using LinkedIn ads or Twitter ads.

So before running any campaign, it’s important to research your ideal customers.

3. Buyer Intent

Imagine you want to cut your hair.

But you want someone who does home service.

Which platform would you go to search for information related to this?

Google right?


When it comes to high-intent buyer, Google beats Facebook by far.

88% of Facebook users are on the platform to connect with their friends and family.

They go on Facebook to socialize and get away from their problems.

Not look for solutions.

Facebook ads are best for creating awareness about your home service business.

However, if you want immediate conversions, you are better off running Google ads.

4. Cost

Cost is another important factor to consider when making a decision.

It’s a widely known fact that Facebook Ads are cheaper than Google Ads.

The Cost Per Click on Google Ads can be as high as $18.57 depending on the industry.

While on Facebook, it’s can be as high as $3.77

But the good thing about Google as is it has a higher conversion rate.

And the more effective your ads are, the lower your cost per click.

5. Targeting 

Both Facebook and Google ads have targeting options.

But when it comes to advanced targeting, Facebook is unmatched.

Besides targeting people by their demographics you can also target people by their interest and behaviour.

For example, you can target people who just got married, recently engaged, newly married, engaged shoppers, and so on.

Facebook allows you to be specific with your targeting. 

If your business is very niche, then Facebook Ads will be a great option for you.

Should I use Both Facebook and Google Ads?

Now, you may be wondering if you can use both platforms for your business.

Yes, you can! 

It’s like killing one bird with two stones.

So, while you use Facebook to build more awareness, get engagement and build a community, you can convert them using Google ads.

For best practices, test both platforms to determine to the one that results in a better return on your investment.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are both powerful platforms instrumental in growing any business.

You can use both platforms to grow your business.

But if you must choose one, use the five factors above to guide you.

Still, confused about which one to go for? Get in touch with our strategist to discuss your strategy.


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