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We offer customized paid campaign solutions for all industries. Our expert PPC team works on the cutting-edge paid ad practices. It’s easy to throw money at PPC advertising, but it takes foolproof strategizing to do it right and lead to a return on investment. By partnering with Rareiio, your Sydney-based business comes with more than 5 years of expertise in PPC marketing.


Google Paid Ads

About Us

Rareiio's Digital marketing team takes a deep dive into your current marketing strategy and execution, your target market, the competition in the industry to get a strong understanding of the landscape. We then draft out a custom-made Google Ads marketing strategy that will provide you with high-quality leads and high conversion rate.


Why Work With Us?

Custom Strategy Custom Strategy

Every business needs a custom strategy. We undertake an immense amount of research to understand your business and competition before devising you a unique custom solution.

Relationship Driven Relationship Driven

Our aim to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Our support does not end with the launch of your website or product. We will be there to help you in all your tech and marketing needs well into the future!

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio Is Proof Of Our Exceptional Execution Skills.

Our PPC Process

As PPC Experts, We Understand The Best Avenues For Your Business.


Campaign Setup

We'll fine-tune every detail of your paid campaign for optimum performance, from keywords to ad copy and landing page content to conversions. We make sure the whole customer journey is smooth.

Keyword Strategy

We begin by researching and selecting a list of significant and relevant keyword phrases for your business. Our research is guided by your goals, segments, industry, budget and niche.

Optimized Ad Copy

After comprehensive competitive analysis, we create concise and unique copy for your paid campaign and continually test and tweak to find the most effective ad copy as different copies work with different segments.

Re-marketing & Monitoring

A person needs to be touched 7 times by your brand before they will make a purchase decision. Our PPC experts design specific re-targeting campaigns to increase your conversion rate and monitor which segment is doing well, culminating in doubling down on budget for increased ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as an AdWords account is live, data (like clicks, cost per click, and impressions) can start collecting within a few hours. However, it takes time to gather enough statistically significant data to analyze patterns and trends to make optimizations to AdWords accounts. Achieving business goals with AdWords can range from a few days to twelve months. When an AdWords account goes live, our Rareiio Digital Marketing team closely monitors performance and makes small changes to improve metrics.
Unfortunately, no agency or consultant can ever or should ever guarantee a #1 rank. This is because there are many uncontrollable external factors that cause rankings to go up and down. Some factors include:Seasonality: Competitors in AdWords | Google algorithm updates | Quality score.The best AdWords specialists are always prepared to change or pivot strategies to keep their clients at the top. This means constant vigilance when it comes to monitoring campaigns – whether it’s modifying keywords, creating new ad groups, or more.
SEO is a longer term game and involves the correct set up of your website and online presence, ultimately to bring you more organic search and referral traffic. You don’t pay for this traffic, but you’ll pay with time and money getting it right.
Google AdWords is definitely the most targeted form of advertising you can do for your products or services. It’s the most targeted form of advertising as people searching on Google search are telling you exactly what they are looking for, and your ad can show up alongside those searches.As well as this, it is also pretty much the most trackable form of advertising you can do (if you set up conversion tracking on your website).If you compare this to radio and print as an example, it is very hard to know how well they are working. If your store gets busier after running a radio or print ad, then you can assume it’s working, but can you work out cost per lead, and target the ad at different times and know which is best? What if you did print and radio at the same time? It’s next to impossible to know how well that worked.


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