How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Airbnb?

by M Ismail Tue Apr 21

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To get an estimate of what goes into developing an app like Airbnb, you need to be sure of what features you want – is it exactly like Airbnb? If not, what makes it different from Airbnb?
There are several variables that affect the budget of developing an app like Airbnb. The major variables include the technical complexity of app features, app size, the choice of the platform – iOS or Android, or web all or all.

App size & complexity increases costs

App size means the number of pages and number of features. For example, does your app have one payment gateway or two payment gateway? So for instance, if you wanted to use a credit card, bank transfers, and PayPal checkout option, it will take slightly longer than if you just went with just one.
Another important thing to consider is the complexity of the features you want to develop. For example, does your app have a complex algorithm or machine learning that needs to be matured? developed? This would mean lengthier development time and therefore the higher the cost.
Takeaway: The cost of development is mostly influenced by how long it takes developers to implement each of these features.

The design of the App will add to costs

An app like Airbnb needs modern design methods and this will surely affect the cost of the app. Going for the old traditional methods may cut down the cost but the modern methods will add more aesthetically appealing and exclusive design to your app.

The choice of the platform – iOS or Android or web app will impact costs

The cost of developing an app like Airbnb is largely shaped by the number of platforms you choose for your app (iOS, Android, or Web application). Airbnb app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms and web applications, meaning they had 3 different teams to develop each platform!

The choice of the platform depends on the target audience location. All this should be considered before even choosing a platform for app development. It’s also an important point to note that app development for mobile usually takes 20-30% more time than the web app platform. 

The size of the app development team

The number of persons employed in the app development project has great effects on the cost of development. If the size of the development team for an app is big, it will increase the costs. To cut down the cost, most ecommerce web development experts have recommended keeping the team size relatively small and not including anyone who is not necessary to the process of app development. Usually. The team should include a project manager, UI designer, and app developers.


By now, you should be familiar with the major variables associated with the cost of developing an app like Airbnb. It’s important to note most of the professional web design and development companies bill the client on a time and materials basis. For instance, if the cost charged is $50 per hour and the total time for the app development is 2000 hours. The total cost would therefore be 2000 x $50 = $10,000. But it’s not as simple as that, as there are many factors that need to be considered before arriving at the right estimate like an investment into UI UX, the experience of the development team, and app platform. 


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