Your web developer is 70% the problem! What you should do

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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The IT industry is filled with a plethora of opportunities when it comes to team building. There is limitless talent in the world of tech. However, finding talent that is backed with passion, will and energy takes a bit of searching. When I entered the IT industry, I did not have much knowledge about tech. Without any IT background, it can be intimidating and complex to recruit the right people for your team. In search of a passionate and dedicated crew, I went through a few trials and errors. I learned that, to create a good team, you need to search extensively and take time with the recruitment process. 

It is quite possible that you might not get it right in the first try, or second, or third. But as you keep moving forward, you learn the lessons and find better ways to build a team. To build a powerful web development team, you must set your standards and state your requirements to the applicants clearly. 

However, there are instances when you feel your employees are not producing real and valuable results. If it is consistent, you are probably considering changing your IT team. As disconcerting it is to go through the recruitment process, it is worth it to take your time when selecting your new staff. Here are some tips to consider when changing your web development team: 

Decide Who Will Take Over

If you want to get quality custom web developer results, you need a full-fledged team. The process of custom web development involves a set of diversified tasks, it is impossible to let one person handle everything. The team you hire will include a Project Architect, UI/UX Developer, Project Manager, Custom Web Developer (back-end developer and database developer), Testing Specialist,  and Customer Support Representative. 

Your Project Manager will lead the team. They must have good management skills, with a clear understanding of the direction they are leading the team towards. A good leader also keeps the team motivated, and their efforts reflect in the performance of the team. 

When you post job applications, make sure to state the eligibility criteria and minimum experience/education requirement. This will help you in getting closer to creating a strong and capable team. 

Let the New Developers Communicate with Previous Developers

Your previous custom web developer team will have a good awareness of your company’s code structure. You can let the previous workers act as “advisors” to help guide your new team. Communicating with old custom web developer team can help your new team to feel a sense of purpose and direction. They can give in-depth details about the systematic structure of the company, the type of clients you have, and the code structure used. 

Ensure Your Code is On GiT Repository

I highly recommend you store your code on GiT Repository. It will allow you to track changes to your code, and view past versions.  

Save the Passwords

Before you let go of your team, make sure you have access to all the servers and their passwords. By doing this, you will save a lot of time and hassle. You won’t have to chase your old team for minor inconveniences. If you need passwords at any time, they will be readily available to you. It will also ensure that all the old data does not get lost, and can be shared with the new workers with the utmost ease. 

Reset the Passwords after Recruitment of New Developers

After recruiting your new task, I suggest you change the old passwords. Ensuring that no one else has access to the passwords of the servers will make them more secure.


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