How to Create a Learning Management System Using Teachable

by nasir Thu Oct 8

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You’ve decided to create an online course where you can share your knowledge and profit from it.

But there’s just one problem.
You don’t know to start.

You’ve been hunting for a platform that makes it easy to sell your online course without any techy skills.

Well, today is your lucky day because, in this article, you’ll learn how to create an LMS using Teachable’s LMS platform.

But first, what is Teachable?

Teachable is an online learning platform that gives you all the tools required to create and sell online courses and coaching services.

It’s rated as one of the best learning management system with over 100,000 users.

You can create an account and start generating revenue from your online course minutes.

Sounds daunting?
Not to worry, we’ll show you how to do it.

Let’s dive right in.

Before You Choose an LMS

There are some key features to look out for before choosing an LMS.

A LinkedIn poll showed some of the important features people considered in an LMS

As you can see, one of the features most people consider important is the look & feel and this is the first thing you’d notice on Teachable’s platform when you register.

Once you are in, you’d meet a lovely interface that is easy to use and find your way around.

And there are five steps you can use to build an LMS for your online school.

Step 1: Design the Homepage

Step 2: Add your brand 

Step 3: Create a course

Step 4: Customize the courses page

Step 5: Add authors on the platform

Now, let’s take a look at each of these steps in detail.

Design the Homepage

Since this is the page your students will land when they signup for your online course, it’s should look visually appealing.

Teachable has a visual page builder that you can explore to create a lovely homepage.

You can change the settings, add a banner, add text, images and change the text properties.

Add your brand

Once you have designed your homepage, you can change it to reflect your brand look and feel.

Here you can add a site logo, school thumbnail, and favicon.

You can also change the color and font-family to your brand.

Create a course

In Teachable, there are two options to create a product (course).

You can:

  1. Courses: these are like pre-recorded videos where you can package and sell your knowledge
  2. Coaching: this is more of live training where you schedule time with your students and sell your coaching. 

And there are four steps involved in creating a course.

Step 1: Add information

This is where you provide information about your course title and the Author (teacher of the course).

You can also choose one of the three templates; Blank Template, Mini-Course and Standard Course.

Step 2: Add Curriculum

In the curriculum section, you can add a section and a lecture. 

The curriculum can have multiple sections, each section can have multiple lectures, and each lecture can have multiple videos and other files attached. 

Step 3: Add a price 

The third step is where you select a payment option and there are four payment options you can select in Teachable:

  1. Free
  2. One-time purchase
  3. Payment plan
  4. Subscription

Step 4: Publishing 

The fourth and final step is to publish your course.

You have the option of publishing the course immediately or publishing it later.

Customize Courses Page

The look and feel of courses on the Home page and “All Courses” page is different in default implementation.

So, if you want to customize your course page’s look and feel, you’d need to know CSS.

Then you can go to the code snippets section of your dashboard to edit the CSS.

There is a user section in Teachable where you can manage students, owners, authors of courses, and more.

You can create an author by entering his/her email under the Author menu in the admin panel.

It will send an email to the author, and they have to click the email link sent to them to join your online school.

You also can write the bio of the authors and set the percentage of profit for each author.

And authors can only see the courses the online school’s owner has invited them to see.


There you have it!

As you have seen, creating an LMS with Teachable is not such a daunting task after all.

Their platform makes it easy to set up an online course in minutes.

It was the same steps we used to create Rareiio Academy on Teachable’s platform.

You can download the ebook to learn how we did it here.


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