How to Create Effective Killer SEO Strategy 2020

by M Ismail Wed Dec 30

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You may have consumed a lot of outdated information on SEO strategy.

Just recently in 2020, Google announced that its crawlers would be taking a different route to search rankings. Other search engines will follow too.

The $1billion question on the lips of business owners, marketers, ad agency, and copywriters is – What are the effective SEO strategies to rank on top post 2020?

Disruption is about to take place on search engines and only those who are ready will be the last men standing after the wave.

In this post, you will learn how to create and follow through with effective killer SEO strategies. These approaches you are about to learn have helped rank a website from 1 to 197,696 monthly visitors

What is SEO?

SEO simply means search engine optimization. And an SEO Strategy refers to the process of planning and executing steps that will improve the search rankings of content or website

Effective Killer Strategies for SEO

We will reveal to you 9 approaches that cover the 2020 requirements on ranking high.

1. Create a list of Keywords that matter

Google search suggestions

Keywords are almost everything about search rankings. The first step therefore is to list them out. How do you find them?

Google Search Suggest, google keyword planner and AnswerThePublic are good tools that can help show you the keywords you need. Take a note of them, that is your gold in stock

2.  Learn from Google first page

Are your competitors ranking on top of the search your keyword? Observe and learn what they have done. Adopt long-tail keywords to have a fighting chance.

For instance, if their keyword in use is ‘medical health’ adopt ‘nearby medical health practitioner’. SEMrush and Ubersuggest are keyword tools that may further help you in this regard to which keyword to insert 

Also, if your competitors’ top page rankings are in the form of list posts, then you want to adopt the same for your content.

3. Let your content be different or better

One mistake you will make is to try to copy your competitor’s content. No, that will make you remain underlying

You want to shine out by creating something totally different in headings but related, and different contents or content that goes beyond what the other person has said.

If your competitor gave 9 lists, go ahead and add 20 lists. That way the search crawlers know that your content has much more quality or has a different take-view. Remember, this is the new behavioural pattern which bolts/crawlers will take from the ending of 2020.

4. You need a hook

Why do bloggers, writers, and industry practitioners reference a site? Maybe that site has stats, guides, reports, etc? That is called the hook.

You need to make your site the hook by which other sites will refer to from time to time. When they do this, your site is being linked and shown as an authority for bolts to notice.

For example, see this:

5. On Page SEO Optimisation

This includes link building from the strong most visited links on your website and other pages on your website. If you have written anything before about a subject on another post, link it.

Also, try and make your website and post URL short. Stats have shown that Google Bots respond more quickly to shorter form URL than longer forms. The site and target word may be better. Plugins can help with this. An example of a short URL is LinkedIn posts.

For example, cut off all the sub categories and have the titles alone on your page links. See this – 

You may also need to use Semantic SEO. This involves sprinkling some related words to your keywords into the content for the maximum magnet. Usually, Google reviews other similar searches when you search, those other related words are your semantics.


For example, “destination” and “last stop” technically mean the same thing, but students of semantics analyze their subtle shades of meaning. For a keyword like “search volume,” some semantically related keywords could be: keyword research. paid search.

6. Search intent optimization

Remember on your journey that the entire reason behind the content is to give value to searchers. The search bots, therefore, reward those sites that give maximum attention to search intent. Searchers want to know, did you give them what they want? See these ads and conclude if they give value on search view.

7. Awesome content look

I cannot emphasize this enough. If the content is king, then the design is its queen.

An awesome content may nevertheless get a lot of bounce rate because users are leaving the site for want of a good looking layout, graphics or content structure.

Example: Imagine a value added article with this title and a wonderful graphic tagged to it.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, which produces better leads for your business?

8. Link building

This is very key. You want other sites to link you. It shows you are an authority in the field and search bolts would respect that. So how do you go about it?

Tools like BuzzSumo helps you to find the backlinks to a site ranking high on certain keywords. You may wish to study that and find any broken link or missing link. Hen, you may wish to send an email and connect with such a site. Create a relationship and offer your content link for their knowledge without asking to be linked.

If they find your content interesting they would naturally make reference to you. To learn more about link building find this free ebook here.

9. Improve and update contents

Contents left without update soon frozen out of the Google index. The aim of search engines is to show users reliable and current content related to their search. Leaving your contents as it is without coming back to them from time to time, may relegate you to the back end of search results.

Think of a content like your little garden that needs nurturing and tending with water from time to time. If you fail to do this, it withers and dies.

10. Social sharing

Finally, never underestimate the use of social media to share your content – old and new. The initial personal sharing to media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, plays its own part in link building. Take advantage of it.


There you go. You have been saddled with the power of information. Now you know what to do consistently to rank on top. 

I leave you with the last warning – SEO takes time. So be patient and consistent. These strategies will definitely work for you. It has worked for us and our clients all these years and it is still working for us.

If you would like to collaborate and outsource this task so as to be free in focusing on other aspects of your business, we are more than happy to assist you.

Book a free SEO strategy session here.


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