5 steps to creating marketing funnels the right way!

by Mellonie Francis Wed Mar 3

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THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT CREATING A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING CAMPAIGN plus ‘five things every serious marketer should put into a marketing funnel in order to make sales…

I get questions like this all the time: 

Why is my competition making more sales than me?

Why am I not able to convert my target audience and prospects into paying customers?

Dear business owners and marketers,

The simple answer is that you’re getting it wrong with your marketing funnel.

Personally, I love to call it a sales funnel because the ultimate goal of the marketing process is to make sales. So I will be calling it a sales funnel from here.

You see, a few years back, I came across this guy via Twitter who runs an affiliate site where affiliate marketers can come on to get products to promote. But what stood out for me is the fact that the technique of marketing he teaches his affiliates to use is quite different yet simple.

Out of curiosity, I decided to enrol; just out of curiosity. By the way, it wasn’t free, but it came with a money-back guarantee so I have nothing to lose anyway. Don’t let me bore you with the details. What is most important is what I actually learnt which I’m about to share. I know it will definitely be the game-changer for your business and you won’t have to ask questions like those I mentioned at the start of this message.

First, what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a step-by-step process that helps to turn a stranger into a paying customer.

It is what you use to bring new prospects on board.

It is also what you use when trying to introduce a new product or service to prospects.

Now, here’s a list of things you should know if you’re going to make mouth-watering sales from your sales funnel:

1. Your sales funnel should show clearly what problem you’re trying to solve with your product or service.

Truth is, no one cares about your product, all they care about is how it’s going to be of help to them; will it make them richer, will it make them more confident, will it take away their fears about a particular thing? What exact problem are you going to solve for your prospects? 

Make sure to make it known throughout your sales process.

2. Keep your sales funnel as simple as possible

From the start of your sales funnel to the end, make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand. Use simple words to drive home your sales message. Also, you should make sure that your website or landing page is easy to navigate.

3. Positioning is everything

How you present yourself to your prospects determines how they will respond. If you position yourself as an authority in your niche and also as someone that can be trusted, your prospects will respond nicely, but if you position and present yourself as a newbie or a desperate marketer who will do anything to make sales, you will be chasing your prospects away and throwing loads of money over to your competition.

4. Give Facts, don’t generalise

You cannot build trust, and authority with shabby and over-exaggerated phrases, give value, give hard facts, that’s the only way you will reach out to more of your prospects.

5. Research

Save the best for the last yeah? This is by far the most important, it is through research that you will know who your target audience is, what their problems are, what solution they’ve used before and what complains they have about previous solutions they’ve tried out. 

You know why all of these are important because once you have all the information About your prospect, it makes it easier to craft a straight-to-the head, straight-to-the-heart sales message that your prospect cannot say no to.

Now listen closely; 

There are five stages in creating a sales funnel. These five stages all have their specific goals or simply put; what you want to achieve by putting them out there. The first stage is 

1. The Ads

what the ads do is to get people’s attention and make them curious about reading or viewing your landing page which is the next stage. 

When putting out an ad, whether, on Facebook, or Instagram or YouTube, you should keep in mind that if your prospects are disgusted by your ads, they will never get to the Landing page and this means that they never get to take whatever you’re offering.

Next, we have;

2. Presell content

This could be an article or very useful information about a topic your prospect is highly interested in. You should craft your presell content in such a way that your prospect sees you as someone who is an authority or an expert in that niche. The main aim of preselling content is to create trust in the minds of your readers.

Moving on, we have the third stage of the sales funnel which is the ;

3. Opt-in Page

This is the second most important stage in your sales funnel after the ads, as this is where you get interested prospects to give you their contact details so that they can receive more information about a product or service.

When creating an opt-in page, you should make it as clear and precise as possible, you should also invoke curiosity as regards what your prospect should expect when they give you their contact details.

And finally,

4. The Thank you page

This is mostly ignored by many marketers as they don’t see the need to put it as part of the sales funnel but if you’re going to show your prospects that you value them and not just their money, you should include this as part of your sales process. It could be a simple “thank you for agreeing to be a ………let the journey begin”

Something along that line or however you want it.

Aaaannddd yes!!

Your sales funnel is done. 

The next stage is to construct email sequences that you would be sending out to those who provide their email addresses. 

You should know that the first emails you would send out are not meant to contain any sales message but instead, you could provide very useful content and send it to them so they learn to trust you. 

Three things I tell  marketers and business owners who engage in email marketing:

1. Test your email sequence

the goal of sending out an email is to get high open rates and also high click-through rates too. Testing your emails helps you know what subject lines attract higher open rates, and also what sort of messages your prospects relate too better.

2. Get an email Copywriter

If you cannot construct high-converting emails, then you should get an email Copywriter to do that for you. There are many copywriters out there but only a few guarantee results. You should get one that guarantees results.

3. Get yourself a marketing consultant

You know, there are times when you get stuck or run out of ideas for your next marketing campaign. I always advise that you get a marketing consultant, who will create one for you.

These days, it’s even easier, you can get consultants who would do the whole job of creating a sales funnel for you. This is where I can be of help to you. 

You want to build a sales funnel that actually sells, go here

After reading this, your next marketing funnel should be a no-brainer.

If you wanna get in touch and discuss your marketing funnels, get in touch here.


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