How to get 15 strong leads Real Estate every month: Here is the Complete Guide

by M Ismail Tue Jan 26

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Facebook and Real Estate

Lyfe reveals that 79% of real estate agents use Facebook to generate leads.

Disruptive Ads tells reports that real estate agents are making millions of leads and customers from Facebook ads.

Ad Experts have declared – ‘Facebook is the perfect place for real estate advertising’

Real Estate Agents – The Winner on Facebook Takes It All

Wow, so how do you cut into this saturated market? Do you forget it or swim into the ocean of sharks? 

Your Ideal Clients Are Only On Facebook, That’s Where You Should Be Too…

Imagine 79% of estate agents scrambling for leads on Facebook and yet Facebook keeps multiplying the number yearly. Gosh! What is happening?

Stats show that loyal users of Facebook are majorly from 30 years and above. These persons are intentional about life and plan to own a home, get a good rent-deal, invest in real estate, etc.

These are mostly the target markets. Stay with me..

Now, the experts of real estate advertising know this, so they pay less attention to Instagram and even Google, but they put much of their efforts on Facebook where the target audience is.

Knowing the effective strategy for Facebook Ads, they scale up quite easily.

Are you ready to learn or accustom yourself with the strategy? Okay, buckle up, here we go.

The Complete Guide and Strategy for Real Estate Facebook Ads

The following guidelines will open your eyes to what the experts who are getting more leads on Facebook are doing.

1. Know Your Niche and Your Audience

Many have something to sell and many sell generally. First, you want to take the blue ocean strategy to illuminate the difference between your products and services from the rest of the world.

Your niche, naturally, will help you find your targeted audience. Facebook has made it so simple to define and target your audience. Remember – it is not the quantity of the audience, but the quality.

2. Ad Copy, Photographer or Video Story

There are a lot of storytellers on Facebook. Many go into Facebook to find a beautiful story to read or see or watch. Facebook is extremely social, so be socially active.

Your ad copy is 50% your success or failure rate. The pictures or video graphics added to it takes some percentage as well.

Who are you speaking to? What are they interested in? What are you saying to them? Why should they listen to you? How are you saying it? When do you want them to take action?

If you are not a good writer yourself, you may wish to engage the services of an expert copywriter cum content writer.

Your photograph must be top notch, and more than ever, luxury pictures sell more. So you want to engage a professional photographer. Do not be stingy!

If you are not a video content creator, delegate that responsibility to the professionals. Remember, that is an investment that will bring you a return on your bucks.

3. Understand your buyers’ psychographics

Do not use a general ad copy for sales. Be purposeful and personal. General leads means less click, streamlined leads mean more click. That is the rule.

Psychographics are the psychological attributes of buyers, such as desires, lifestyle, and interests. They help to explain why targeted buyers should buy.

For example, some audiences do not like to buy anything called ‘cheap’. So, you want to say ‘affordable’ or ‘luxury product.’

There are many tools out there to know what keywords your audiences are searching for

4. Transparency Removes the Ad Factor

Stats show that people barely look at ads. In fact, the majority of the people are irritated by them. But that is not all – stats also reveals that transparent and interesting ads gain a lot of viewers, engagements and sales.

Consumers ever than before are more conscious and it pays to be transparent with them.

For example, see this sweet ad that got a lot of leads flowing in:

Build trust in buyers while acting natural and they will help market your product. See what consumers did with Zoom, TitTok, etc.

5. Remember FOMO in Ads

FOMO means the “fear of missing out”.  It refers to that feeling of anxiety you get at the thought of a lost opportunity. 

Utilize FOMO in your Facebook ad copy by using language that encourages an immediate purchase. 

But one must be careful with FOMO. You shouldn’t overdo it otherwise readers may feel irritated or thinking you are trying to fool them.

6. Display contact or CTA info in your Facebook Ads

Remove the bridge. Allow them to contact you immediately while the idea is still fresh in their mind. Make the contact bold and make a friendly call-to-action. See an example ending with ‘register your interest’

7. Use data to back up your descriptions in the Real Estate Facebook Ad.

If you must convince anyone about anything, you should make your premise seat on verifiable data. If your readers cannot refute your source premise, then they are more likely to agree with your CTA. See an example of how IQI Global got targeted audience rushing in like bees:

8. Test and Track Your Real Estate Ad and Facebook Analytics

Thank goodness, Facebook has made it easy to understand and track in real time, what works and what is not working. With these analytics, you could amend and make your ad more productive.

9. See What Others are doing on Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads Library allows you to see the transparent workings of successful ads. You may want to see what your competitors are doing better and what they are lacking.

10. You May Want The Best Facebook Ads Agency in Your Corner

As a leading and successful Facebook Ads Agency, Rareiio have often found that many companies prefer to hand over this part of the task. The reason is some companies prefer to face the business and outsource the ads.

Over and over again, we have continued to scale up leads for companies, nurturing those leads and eventually converting them as customers.

We have helped turn a $4000 Facebook Ad budget into about $400,000 return on investment.

The secrets of a successful first Facebook Ad has been collated by us for our readers and clients to use for free. See here for a free copy.
Should you wish to contact us, you can reach us directly here.


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