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by Mellonie Francis Thu Jun 18

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How many times have you seen a product you like while surfing the internet but had to email the link to yourself so you can further look at it and later order it using your phone?

A lot of us often face issues when we want to test a specific URL on our mobile device, or we simply want to shift to mobile. We either must write that URL down, email it to ourselves to get it mobile app browsing experience.

There is a way to do it if you are using Google Chrome though, the chrome send to phone feature of chrome. But, we all can safely agree that it’s slow and sometimes sends the link after 5 minutes. Well, that is incredibly inconvenient, especially if you are a developer and want to test the link urgently. 

The QR Solution

Who knew a simple QR Code is going to be the solution? A short, 1kb code with no dependency that you can embed anywhere on your website that simply takes the user from desktop to mobile in a second, literally.

We saw a problem, we did a bit of research and found a solution to our problem, typical product-development process.

You can simply paste the code below anywhere on the website and choose the right attributes to customize it if needed. So, the code has 4 attributes, QR Code size, color, URL and the Title. You can change the size and color of the QR code to really make it match your theme and website.


We have developed this as an open-source for anyone to use on their website, with the simple ability to change colors and size to match the theme. It’s so simple yet so convenient, especially for e-commerce websites where you can place separate QR codes on different products.



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