How virtual tour saved a real estate company

by M Ismail Thu May 28

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So, amid COVID-19, a lot of the businesses have been locked down, but only the ones that are really smart have started innovating and haven’t let lockdown affect their business a lot, such as one of our clients in the Real Estate industry. One lockdown hit the world, a lot of businesses got shut down for an indefinite time, especially businesses that can’t function remotely, but that didn’t stop our real estate client from innovating and finding a way to carry on their operations regularly using virtual open houses (attach link) and virtual tours. 

A proper virtual tour was integrated on their website that highlights all the rooms and spaces in the house. A visitor can navigate on their own and move from one room to another and go to all the floors to check out the details of the house. 

The website has given house owners the ability to add information points on items for details, this means that the visitor can be informed about exclusive details about certain items when walking through the property virtually. This highlights the property in a different way and makes it stand out among the listings on other websites. 

Before this, their website was like any other real estate website, doing the same things, the same old ways. They’d be getting calls from people who were interested in the property, the realtor would then have to do all the hard work by physically taking the client to the property, taking up almost half the day. 

People who called the office about a property they were interested in didn’t have a proper visual of the property, they didn’t know the visual structure of the property, which meant that plenty of clients wouldn’t like the property once they visited, lower conversion rates meant lower efficiency. This changed drastically once our client had Virtual Tour embedded onto their website, as now people who would call for a visit have already taken a virtual tour and are closer to making a purchase decision. 

Our real estate client mentioned that their clients started to feel a sense of ownership which is crucial to nudging clients towards finalizing the deal. Virtual tours allowed the clients to tour the property independently, on their own time and at their own pace, giving them a sense of autonomy and personal connection with the property. Clients were able to include their families into decision making as well, which would become a fun family experience as well. 

How did we integrate Virtual Tour for our Real Estate client?

We used Matterport 3D Model on our client’s website to integrate Virtual Tours. While it’s always possible to simply share Matterport 3D Model’s link to the client, it is not ideal because we can’t track user behavior and control what users are doing. We created a whole process for our client using the right business logic which will help our client and also improve the user experience for their clients who are potential buyers. 

Integration process:

Firstly we set the 3D model to the Public. 
We identified which webpage will the Virtual Tour sits on.
We then added the following HTML source code to the webpage. 
<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen allow=”vr”></iframe>

This code was for our client’s website, however, exact instructions depend on your website’s unique code. 
We then replaced the URL in the src attribute. 

Example: Instead of, we used the URL to our client’s specific Matterport model. 

In addition, you can add additional URL parameters as well. 
Including “allowfullscreen” to the iframe code when embedding is very important. 
This allows the mobile audience to view the model in fullscreen mode, or in VR. 

Please note that this process was for our client’s website and may vary for your website, instructions for integrating Matterport 3D Model for WordPress, Placester, WIX, or other platforms are completely different.

If you are considering incorporating virtual tours into your website, you can contact our web team for a consultation. 


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