How we work

Step 1

Discovery Phase

The discovery or planning phase of a web or digital project cannot be overstated in it’s importance. In this phase we understand tasks, features, and predict timelines. This initial stage sets a tone for scope, vision and procedures that come to fruition later in the project. Planning & scoping will save money and increase speed of delivery.

Step 2

Design Phase

Our experience has taught us that with high fidelity designs, development time can be reduced by 50%. As such, Rareiio will only proceed with development once high fidelity designs have been created. Our motto is that ‘A house cannot be built without an architect‘. Similarly, a website cannot be built without a talented designer who fully understands the client’s requirements and vision!

Step 3

Development Phase

Now that you have your requirements clearly designed, the development efforts can begin. Typically during this phase, development tasks will be broken down into release efforts so that the application can be completed in parts. Breaking up the development effort is crucial in order to provide interim results to customers. Otherwise, you may find out later that the end results does not meet your client’s needs. The development and testing phases are performed iteratively as issues are found, corrected, and retested.

Step 4

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintaining a system is equally important as Web Application Development.  The tech industry introduces innovation almost every day which improve efficiency to streamline business operations. By performing ongoing maintenance, your platform will remain secure, reliable and competitive. In addition, system maintenance involves improvements in the existing solution and at times there are requirements of new development as per the changing market needs.

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