If your mobile development cost is expensive, you need to read this!

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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Mobile phones have become the most addictive tech product around the globe. Every second person you meet is obsessed with the features of a mobile phone. Phones are being switched every month because of the platform and the apps they offer.

Because of that, all the major mobile app development businesses are looking to develop more and more mobile apps to expand their business and attract more customers. As the mobile apps represent the brand itself in a way, they can increase brand value and make it worth the investment. But expensive app development can also act as a disincentive to a company when developing a mobile app for their brand.

There are some major points that should be kept in mind when developing a mobile app.

Hire a UX UI Designer

While working on development of your digital product, it is necessary to know that what is the end goal. An easy way to do that is to make a sketch of the app and its interface that you’re going to provide the customer with so you are clear on the experience & goal. By engaging UX UI designers at the start, development costs are reduced drastically.

Use Cross Platform Development

Developing on numerous platforms can be expensive. For example IOS, Android and Web App require 3 different developers with a specialist skill set. Building on a cross platform framework like react JS can save you costs. Discuss your ideas with a fellow developer who has experience and ask them about cross platform development.

Outsource The Project

Many people take outsourcing as a limited control over the development process. Most people hire the development team for a short amount and pay per hour which ca be expensive. Try to hire a a offshore development team dedicatedly on contract with trained developers which will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Plan & Discuss Every Change

It’s common practice to have many ideas on how to improve your app during development and how to attract more and more customers. However by discussing it with the development team and taking a planned approach to any additions will reduce development costs significantly.

Business & Tech Must Communicate Weekly

When developing an app for a large organisation there is always a hierarchy. The employers are categorised in teams so the most important key is communication. It’s important to know that the person sitting next to you, your co-developer is thinking the same thing as you are because if that is not the case then it can cause problems in the future. It is both time consuming and can also increase the cost of the development. 

Test Test & Test!

Completing the product development process before time is good and all, but there’s no benefit in rushing through the development process without testing it. Ignoring that step might increase the risks of your app being poor quality and costing you more in the long run. Test run is necessary to filter out the bugs and flaws in the app in order to make it perfect for customer use and reduce future dev costs.


The world of mobile app development is progressing fast and in order to keep up with it, the idea that we need to come up with should be smart and cheap at the same time when being developed. Basically, to reduce the cost of app development time management should be kept in check. There should also be a keen eye on the market as it helps with different ideas.


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