Is working with an offshore web development team any good?

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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Working With offshore web development team has exceptional benefits that few of us know. Read to explore hidden treasures of offshore development companies.

In this present era, the need for offshore web development is increasing rapidly. Several businesses include multi-national companies and startups are showing great interest in offshore development teams due to huge cost savings.

In the start, businesses were unwilling to trust offshore web development companies due to communication and security issues. Due to the innovation in technical advancements and improvement in education, the challenges have been negated to a great extent. So before going in to detailed discussion on pros and cons of offshore development, let’s have a look at what is an offshore development model?

What is an Offshore Development Model?

Offshore development is a process where web development and IT needs are facilitated by teams in India, Ukraine, Philippines, etc. These teams will typically work on

  • Mobile app development
  • Custom software development
  • Web development

The term offshore model is not new, as it’s been followed by several businesses for a long time. In this era of modern technology, the demand for offshore companies is rising rapidly. In fact, it is a lot more easier to manage offshore operations worldwide with tools like JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Asana.

Besides software and web development, the offshore model is also being utilised in other fields like:

  • Cold Calling
  • Data Services
  • Customer Care
  • KPO or BPO Operations

The major reason for relying on the offshore development team is to get your job done at a low cost. It happens because of the development charges offered by above mentioned countries are comparatively lower in cost then UK, the USA, etc.

Furthermore, the offshore IT model helps in minimize your workload, as you can focus on your business and not IT issues.


The need for offshore development is gaining in popularity with wages in UK, USA & Australia for software engineers are becoming affordable. There are numerous benefits of utilizing offshore expertise:

1. Cost Effective

It allows you to stay on top of IT needs at reasonable rates. A senior developer overseas can cost you $25 per hour as opposed to $150 per hour.

2. Quick Results

It makes it easy to organize many projects simultaneously and minimizes the burden.

3. Experience with complex projects

Professional Offshore development companies are equipped with large teams, therefore can handle complex enterprise projects.


Sometimes, relying on the abilities of an offshore team can cost you more in terms of some unsatisfactory work.

1. Yes Mentality

It is the major drawback of any offshore development team, many will tell you yes we can do it, but will fail to deliver to deadlines.

2. Lack of Communication

Communicating via calls, emails can also become a cause of creating serious trouble in some cases.

3. Lack of Systems

Many freelance and small software agencies do not use proper systems to track work, resulting in no outcomes.

Final Thought, What is the better option?

Finding an expert offshore development team is not an easy task. Also, hiring an unprofessional offshore team is a risky move. To sum up, the most important things which matter in the end are

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Communication
  • Dedication

Therefore, before making any final decision, do your research and weigh up the risks before you engage a development company.


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