LinkedIn Lead Generation: Current Trends on How to Drive LinkedIn Leads

by M Ismail Sat Mar 13

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LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities and is the most ideal resource for B2B marketing. But without the right knowledge, it becomes just another time-sucking social network, doesn’t it?

But there is an old age generic advice that you keep getting – join LinkedIn, become active, then you will get free falling leads.

Wait. Is that really all there is to it? How come your business isn’t flooded with leads? 

Truth is, while you might accidentally come in contact with some leads, you need to take charge of prospecting for leads actively on LinkedIn. So, to leverage LinkedIn to your advantage, there is a need to cut through the web of active job seekers and find leads to do business with.

This begs the question: How do you actually get leads from LinkedIn?

That’s what I want to share with you.

I’ve compiled some new and powerful ways for you to start finding leads on LinkedIn right now.

So, if your business is ready to build brand awareness, establish business relationships, and generate leads on LinkedIn, keep reading.

5 Current Trends You Need To Adopt Now!

LinkedIn, like many other social platforms, has evolved and is still evolving.

 So, watching out for LinkedIn trends and harnessing them immediately can help triple the outcome of your social media marketing and as well, drive more leads on LinkedIn.

1. Video Marketing

Videos create better engagement and are a useful lead generation tool even on LinkedIn. 

Plus, with a video, you get to build a rapport with your audience, develop your brand value and stand out as the industry go-to brand.

You can shoot short videos of about 1 minute long to show that you are knowledgeable in your niche. It’s the method my team and I adopt in attracting quality leads because they create that personal connection.

 You can post company value videos on your LinkedIn company page to give them a feel of what happens in your company, and behind-the-scenes footage to further help your audience to identify you better. 

Webinar event promo is a video feature in the new video templates for B2B marketers often used to promote brand events. If done right, webinars can be used to establish trust and authority in an industry niche.

New developments in videos also include the ability to see trending news and industry insights, which can be used by companies to enable them to make informed decisions.

Event recaps also help to create better engagement by keeping your audience in the loop. They are a great way to share information with your audience.

2. Videos for Mobile

It’s no news that the world is going mobile. So, LinkedIn is focusing on creating mobile-friendly videos to tap into the mobile audience that keeps rising day-in, day-out.  

As a smart business owner or marketer, one of the things you should do is make your LinkedIn videos mobile-friendly by having the sound-off feature in mind, as more than half of LinkedIn users are viewing feeds from mobile devices and most videos viewed on mobile are played without sound.

 To optimise speed, you should create your videos in square shapes on mobile viewers as they take up less space compared to landscape videos.

In the image showing about the video marketing

3. Hashtags

As a marketer, getting people that are interested in your niche is paramount right? Well. you can’t get that with the frenzy increase in LinkedIn audience size. Going in blindly will just attract people that are not interested in what you have to offer.

So, how do you filter and categorise your content?


 With LinkedIn hashtags, you can leverage their marketing efforts and in the process, make it easy for your audience to look for you and find you. 

You can adopt hashtags in your content,  and videos to increase your brand exposure to the right audience. Furthermore, using relevant hashtags, you can search for relevant conversations to participate in and also use them in comments to further market your brand and drive-in quality leads.

In the image showing about the hashtags used on linkedin

4. Boost Engagement By Sharing Content To LinkedIn Groups

Most LinkedIn experts will say that participating in LinkedIn groups is the best way to get new business, develop joint partnerships and create and deepen connections. It’s so true. 

This is because if you want to build solid online relationships, you need to find places where you can continually add value and engage in conversations with members of your target market — and that’s what LinkedIn groups allow you to do.

What should you post?

If you want to become popular and increase your exposure, you need to;

  1. Comment and share popular posts (this a way for you to connect with who started the question as well as those commenting underneath)
  2. Ask a question, people love to help.
  3. Post your own articles (make sure they solve a problem)

By engaging with others, you can create business relationships and learn new marketing strategies to drive leads.

The importance of Sharing Content To LinkedIn Groups

5. Maximize your Employees’ Reach on LinkedIn

Do you have employees? Good!

You can utilize your employees’ reach on social media platforms to market your brand – they should be your brand ambassadors. 

You should be asking your employees to share your brand’s marketing content on their personal pages. The majority of companies are doing it, and it is paying off.

Making your employees, your brand ambassadors not only boosts their engagement but also brings you quality leads.


Create shareable videos, keep up with the conversations you’re participating in and add value continuously.

Taking the time to strategically participate in LinkedIn groups will help you develop new business opportunities, join partnerships and create and deepen connections.

Start using these tips on how to drive LinkedIn leads today and you will be on your way to a successful funnel lead generator.

Continue watching out for LinkedIn trends so you can have a competitive edge.

If you want to help with lead generation on LinkedIn consistently for your business, Get in touch

employees reach on social media platforms to market your brand


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