3 PT Capital

3 PT Capital is a cloud-based data analytics platform, enabling users to harness the power of Big Data to gain an edge in their trading programs. The platform utilizes centuries of market data, interactive data tables, reports, and charts which allow users to seamlessly navigate, analyze and make informed decisions about their trading. The platform uses historical trends and millions of data point to predict prices of iron, copper and other commodities that are high in demand.


3 PT Capital

Goal Of The Project

The goal of this project was to provide Traders and analysts with a powerful and user-friendly platform which would enable them to navigate massive data sets, and gain actionable intelligence to enhance their trading program. 3 PT Capital approached Rareiio to convert their huge Excel Sheet with a lot of formulae, Rareiio then conducted an expansive research campaign, analyzing existing platforms for both strengths and weaknesses, as well as utilizing feedback from a wide array of traders. We used these insights to develop a custom solution that would dramatically enhance the user experience, and deliver a market leading Data Analytics platform for Futures and Commodities traders.

Tech Stack




Target Users



Traders get information on their trading through heat-maps and accurate predictions based on millions of data points. This helps them make informed decisions, reducing their over all risk.

Major Features


Heat-maps & Charts

Traders get an insight through compelling and easy-to-read graphs and heat-maps of complex patters and predictions to help them make decisions, this was achieved by simplifying a very complex Excel Sheet and 115 million data points using database and algorithms.
Meaningful Information

Meaningful Information

Rareiio turned millions of Data points and heaps of formulae into simple and easy-to-understand format, making raw data into useful information for traders around the world.


Rareiio developed a user-friendly interface where unlimited number of users may take advantage of data all at once, which wasn't possible in excel. Users can also receive notifications and useful updates on market news, helping them maneuver their stocks and money at the right time.


The platform helps users make millions of dollars because of how accurate and simple it is to use. Owners absolutely love the platform because it helps them attract thousands of traders every month who are seeking to invest online.


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