How Atilio Rebranded From Old To A New Fresh Website

Step 1
Start With Why

Australia Information Center is an immigration agency that provides support to people looking to relocate to Australia. But their leads did not skyrocket as they should. Atilio reached out to us and explained what their challenge was. We found out that they were working with an outdated website design which had navigation issues and the result was a bad user experience to their target audience. He wanted more traffic, and so he needed a complete revamp of their website, a much better UI/UX Design, and a web structure that guaranteed more conversion.

Step 2

We developed a strategic rebranding template - Logo, colors, content strategy, information architecture, and Typography not just for the sole purpose of creating a great user experience but more importantly, to help AIC increase the conversions of their leads significantly. In order to provide a better user experience, we decided to create an easy-to-navigate, modern website with New information Architecture and a healthy dose of UI/UX Roadmap - helping AIC generate more leads.


Step 3
How we Did it

We Created A Unique Brand Revamp.

We were able to give AIC a new direction of rebranding while making sure to address the key pain points of their customers. We knew that better branding for AIC will leave a long-lasting impression on customers and clients so, we used AIC’s choice, the Koala bear, to create a design that clearly defines the AIC brand as the go-to brand for foreigners looking to immigrate to Australia.

Developed a Research-Based UI/UX User Design

The designs were specifically tailored for cognitive experiences as we spent time researching their industry’s top user experience before creating a unique product design.

Created Information Architecture

We already knew that their previous website had no in-depth information about what they do, so we engaged our in-house designer to craft aesthetic sections that would further explain the various AIC services. Doing this made it easier for visitors coming into the website to make informed decisions.

Came up with a Digital Asset

AIC had visitors who had questions regarding immigration into Australia and were actively looking for answers. But they didn't have any guide or blueprint to give them anytime they got onto their website. And by this, not only were they missing out on getting lead details that they could nurture through email marketing, but they were also leaving a lot of money on the table of their competition. We needed to bridge the gap so, we created an Australian immigration guide, we designed it and made sure to add images to make it visually appealing to their customers, we also made sure it was really informative as well - creating trust in the hearts of AIC's target audience with regards to AIC’s abilities.

Step 4
The Results

Increase Brand Authority

To create an online brand authority for AIC, we had to establish a consistent and deliberate brand voice. We did that by giving their brand a new look and giving out digital blueprints to support people looking to relocate to Australia. Doing this immediately places them as an authority in the immigration space. We also made use of SEO strategies and keywords their audience are searching for to improve AIC’s website visibility.

Here is what AIC had to say about working with us

“I was really impressed with the communication. The customer service is second to none”.


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