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COVID-19 Live Stat

COVID-19 Live Stat

Confirmed: 789,326

Deaths: 38,095 (5%)

Recovered: 166,442 (21%)

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The Analyst Handbook

The Analyst Handbook

The Analyst Handbook is a custom built educational platform geared towards helping current and aspiring analysts advance their careers. The books are written by former investment bankers, who have integrated their experiences into bite size ebooks and guides. Analyst Handbook will help aspiring analysts to overcome frustration in dealing with the competition in the employment market. This online handbook will also help readers to improve time management and organisation skills in the workplace and on ways to develop relationships with senior staff and bosses.

Target Users

Those who have titles ‘analysts‘ within industry of

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Investment Banking
  • Accounting
  • Consulting

Major Tech Features: 

Our competitors are Amazon and Kindle. Our unique selling proposition is the customized personal bookshelf. Analyst Handbook also uses plugin such as Memberium and ThriveCart to offer ecommerce solution.

1. Smooth reading experience Using Turn.Js

We wanted to create a real-life reading experience for the readers. We used turn.js to ensure readers have a smooth reading experience. Turn.js is a page flip book that lets customers read content with the utmost ease. The plugin compatible with most devices, including Android and iOS. It supports Safari 5, Chrome 16, Firefox 10, and older browsers such as IE 10, 9, 8. 

2. Memberium:

Memberium, integrated with thrive cart to handle the membership access to information.

3. Thrive Cart:

Thrive Cart is a plugin used for payment checkout. Payments methods can be quite hassle-y, particularly because they require registration and irrelevant details. We integrated ThriveCart into the website to help potential buyers securely and promptly purchase the product they desire through their credit card and integrates to memberium. A one-step process, where the buyers solely have to enter their credit card number, expiration date and CVV number. 

4. Email Marketing Automation: 

The platform integrates through to ActiveCampaign to enable full email marketing automation which was integrated with memberium plugin.

In conclusion, we created a custom built ecommerce site with superior online reading experience.


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