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COVID-19 Live Stat

COVID-19 Live Stat

Confirmed: 789,326

Deaths: 38,095 (5%)

Recovered: 166,442 (21%)

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Booking Appointment App

Booking Appointment App

Find Book Beauty is an online booking engine helping customers find and book the best professionals around Australia. The platform also helps talented beauty professionals get found easily, showcase your work and get more booking! It is similar to Airbnb but for the beauty community.

What was the goal of this project? 

Find Book beauty approached Rareiio to create an online marketplace platform similar to airbnb. The main goal was for customers to be able to easily search, book and pay for beauty services online and for beauty professionals to be able to show their prices and availability easily. The platform required a custom calendar feature like any other booking engine site, which was satisfying to deliver.

What tech stack was used?



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