How Rareiio Digitally Transformed and Scaled

Javaid’s Medical Business

CareMed Primary & Urgent Care

CareMed Primary & Urgent Care

Step 1
Start with Why

At Rareiio we always ask why? With Javaid, we found out that he wanted to build the best Urgent and Primary Care facility in his local area and make it accessible to everyone in the area. Once we understood his why, it was time to help him build a digital presence using nurturing journey & funnels.

Step 2

The only problem was, Javaid’s business had been operating entirely offline with no previous digital strategy. So, Javaid’s business needed to go back to the start, identify their ideal customer and figure out where the customers were spending time digitally.


We spent late nights understanding the digital habits of Javed’s customers and pinpointed 3 channels —Google, Email & Facebook.

Step 3
How we did it

We knew we had to set up nurturing journeys using a combination of newly created landing pages, google ads, email sequence together with Facebook re-targeting if we were going to deliver high growth. We knew that by creating a funnel over 3 different channels, would achieve a highly trusted brand and lead gen method.

First, we researched competitors

We conducted a digital audit where we analysed Javed’s competitors. We found out what distribution channels they were using, what keywords they were ranking for, and how they got their customers.This part was key to in setting up our nurturing customer funnel.

Then it was time to engage high end content writers

We optimised the website copy and design to achieve high converting landing pages. We knew that without a great website copy, our ad spend would be wasted.

Our PPC experts turned on Google Ads

Once we were satisfied with our on-page website content, our team of PPC experts started running Google Ads to acquire real estate on Google and bringing traffic to the website.

Over 6 months, our team focused on SEO on-page and off-page

Our team started creating blogs, landing pages and links throughout the website in effort to drive organic traffic. We also registered Caremed on third-party websites like Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo, Apple Maps, and all other relevant listings to drive traffic, increase brand authority, and relevance.

It was time to go deeper into the funnel building & email sequencing

We started capturing emails of all visitors on the website and setting up email sequence funnel, nurturing our customers to visit CareMed. We didn’t stop there, we also followed the potential customers on facebook using retargeting techniques to ensure 7 touch points were created from the 1st visit of the website.

Step 4
The Results

Increased website traffic by 100% in 1 week

Using PPC advertising in Caremed’s target locations, we were able to drive traction immediately. Our team implemented a 3-way strategy to increase traffic to 120 highly targeted prospects daily on the website.

Business scaled from 3 locations to 6

When we started, CareMed had just 3 locations with 50-80 patients a day. Within 8 months they were able to expand to 6 locations with 500 daily walk-in patients.

200% increase in online appointments

Online bookings increased dramatically by 200% at all locations. By month 8, they were driving most of their sign-ups online.

Improved brand retention and recognition

Dedicated doctor profiles were created and campaigns were run to increase brand awareness. People re-engaged with the doctors with 25-30 years of experience, increasing loyalty, brand recall, and retention.



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