How we built a sophisticated marketplace app in just 4 months?

500+ Users in a month

Find Book Beauty

Find Book Beauty

Step 1
Start with Why

After identifying how lengthy the process was to find and book a beautician, Mel decided to build an Airbnb like app which would enable customers to find local beauticians, compare prices and book online. The software would also provide payment protection and late cancellation fee options to beauticians much like Airbnb did for homeowners.

Step 2

The vision was to build a sleek marketplace app which would enable beauty professionals to automate quoting process, enable online booking & payments. In return clients would enjoy a seamless booking experience much like Airbnb.


In order to build a sophisticated app like this, we had to put together a top design and development team which really understood the pain point of the users, and could design an experience which made booking transparent and seamless.

Step 3
How we Did it

Building an Airbnb-like marketplace within 4 months is unheard of because of the amount of planning, development and testing that goes into it. This was made possible due to Mel’s profound involvement in the development process and prior preparation with the development team. She had a tested MVP, high fidelity designs, detailed user stories and checked in daily with design and dev team to move all blockages.

Mel built an MVP site first

Mel came to us with an already built website on Squarspace which enabled us to quickly understand functionality and limitations that needed to be present in custom development. This greatly helped Mel, design team and dev team to get on the same page.

We created high fidelity wireframes

The design team ran design sprints, and in 6 weeks completed high fidelity wireframes in both web and mobile. Every page and button was created to ensure user experience and functionality was clear. Thanks to the MVP and clarity of Mel’s vision the 3 month design sprint was closed out in 6 weeks.

It was time to write user stories

It was time to explain the designs in detail so developers were 100% clear on functionality. Each functionality and design was explained in great detail, to enable a smooth development process reducing any room for misunderstanding. Note, 40% of the time was spent on this process as we knew good planning (I.e clear user stories) will result in fast development.

User stories were placed into sprints in priority

After we created a high-fidelity wireframe along with user stories, we further broke down development tasks into bite-sized tasks to deliver working milestone versions of the platform in piecemeals.

The team and Mel tested daily

QA & product owner Mel tested the product every day to provide prompt feedback and follow a proactive approach towards rising issues. Rareiio also conducted daily standup meetings to avoid longer weekly meetings and improve decision making, this helped keep the development process incredibly streamlined.

Step 4
The Results

Taking it to market

Mel was able to take Find Book Beauty to the market in just 4 months. The app started making rounds, getting 500 users in the first month based on just word-of-mouth.

Expansion into other markets

Due to Find Book Beauty’s ability to solve a huge problem, Mel was able to find partners in India. The marketplace is now expanding to solve issues in India’s big beauty industry.


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