Lets Drool

Lets Drool is an innovative marketplace where food lovers can book unique culinary experiences and meet like-minded strangers. Restaurant owners are able to create gastronomical experiences through Drool’s platform. Drool also enables people to collate quotes from restaurant owners and vendors for private and public events through a  simple interface.


Lets Drool

Goal Of The Project

Lets Drool approached Rareiio to build a platform which would enable bookings, ticketing and management of guests through an easy-to-use interface. This platform needed to arrange these event, market them and also connect the right vendors and restaurants to the host of those events.

Tech Stack

Adobe XD






Target Users

Event Hosts

Event Hosts

People who want to host public events to meet like-minded people out of their network or people who want to host mind blowing event for their family, friends or partners without worrying about finding the right vendors and restaurants to host the event at.
Restaurants & Vendors

Restaurants & Vendors

Restaurants and vendors who like arranging events that are out of the ordinary get a chance to come on Drool and help people host the best events out there. These are passionate food lovers and event organizers who love hosting the best and most fun events.

Major Features


Host Public Event

Lets Drool allows users to create an event they want, picking out their favorite places or arenas, select the caterers they would want, pick a theme and and invite like-minded strangers to come and join the event. Users can set the price for the event and send out links to people who might be interested in attending such an event.
Host Private Events

Host Private Events

Users may host similar event to public events the same way, only this way they can easily set up a password for their friends and family to come and buy tickets from.

Pre-defined Options

Vendors and Restaurants can create and present their most famous and available events for users to choose from. These can be created by like-minded gastronomers and vendors to perfectly ornate incredible events that are for users to use, make changes to and use for their family and friends or to host an event.


Now there is a platform where you can enjoy amazing food, incredible event, and meet like-minded people, all at the same time! These types of platforms are revolutionary in the industry and help entrepreneurs disrupt the market, helping them become pioneers in the industry. Lets Drool has booked more than a hundred thousand events and hosted over 500,000 dinners for people looking to try incredible food.


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