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More Lobby is a real estate platform that helps realtors to search for sold properties within the vicinity. Buyers are able to refine the searches by numerous filters, the platform is also a complete solution for Real Estate Companies to manage their clients, as well as manage their internal structure using features like internal notes, webinars, meetings, checking agent availability and schedule online and offline open house sessions.


More Lobby

Goal Of The Project

More Lobby approached Rareiio to custom-develop a platform which enabled real estate agents, companies and buyers be on one platform. The goal was to develop a custom one-stop solution for the Real Estate Industry to bring all stake holders under one roof and provide the best service possible with changing business and economic conditions.

Tech Stack




Target Users



All the potential property buyers who are looking to compare prices of property and making sure they don't have to pay more for a property type that is worth less.


All the realtors who are looking to check price fluctuation in the market and want to keep a check on the prices of latest properties sold.

Major Features


The Technology

A simple yet immensely powerful platform developed in codeigniter, with jquery, MySQL , bootstrap to help Real Estate Businesses to manage their business from anywhere around the world, equipped with technology to stand the test of time and adverse situations.
Custom Charts

Custom Charts

More Lobby has custom charts available for investors to check the spread between Buying Price and Selling Price from recent data in a particular area to analyze the best possible areas to invest in.

Internal Notes

Notes work like an internal diary for the business to see recent activities of everyone and assign important tasks to team members.
Marketing Flyers

Marketing Flyers

This section helps businesses to go through templates and easily design high quality banners and flyers for activities like Open Houses. This reduces cost and time for businesses and helps them execute faster.


Internal meetings feature puts everything in one platform and team members don't have to rely on external apps for video meetings.
Digital Open House - Live Streaming

Digital Open House - Live Streaming

During times when people can't visit a particular site for certain reasons, Digital Open House allows agents to schedule live sessions where people can join in and take a look around the property, Rareiio integrated Zoom Professional for this purpose into More Lobby.

Digital Open House - Virtual Tour

Rareiio went a step ahead and revolutionized the Real Estate market by integrating VirtualTour to let users and interested buyers virtually visit the property using their screens. The immersive experience let's everyone get a real look at the property, making More Lobby stand out in the market.
Agent Availability

Agent Availability

The Real Estate Business usually has multiple agents around the city, this feature helps businesses locate agents and schedule meetings with clients as office hours of all agents are presented in a simple way on the map.


More Lobby became one of the pioneers in its industry, having more than 200 domains for different cities and using technology to embed features like scheduled Zoom meetings with clients, and virtual tours which increased Realtors' efficiency by 50%.


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