How we helped radiant generate

40% increase in engagement



Step 1
Start with Why

Radiant is an NGO that connects doctors and psychologists with people in need of mental health care. Fantastic initiative! They wanted to reach more people, so they invested in running Facebook Ads. But they were not getting results from their Facebook ads campaign.

Step 2

The problem was they were running Facebook ads without a foolproof strategy. So we stepped into training their staff, Kim, on how to optimise their Facebook ads campaign to have more people reach out to them.


We reviewed their Facebook Ads campaign and pointed out ways we can optimise it to get the best results.

Step 3
How we Did it

We sat down with their team to understand their business and goals. Then we organised a highly specialised one-on-one hands-on training for Kim, where we reviewed her campaigns and gave her premium advice on how to optimise her Facebook ads.

Understand Objectives

Choosing the right objectives is a crucial part of a successful Facebook ads campaign. We taught Kim how she could use each of the objectives on Facebook ads manager.

Lead Generation Campaigns

They wanted to generate leads of people interested in their service. But asking people to copy and send emails from the caption was never going to work. So we taught Kim how to run targeted lead generation campaigns to have people fill a form on Facebook where they can later reach out to them.

Copywriting Masterclass

They were using one-line captions which wasn’t getting people to engage and take action. So we taught Kim how to write compelling long-form copy using stories that resonated with their target audience. Also, several industry-related words are not allowed on Facebook. So, we had to research words she can use for their campaign.

Creatives Matter

Kim realised how much Facebook likes images of people and images without text. She also learned how to use Facebook’s stock (Shutterstock) images to run ads.

Optimise Ads for Various Placements

She learnt how to run ads on different placements. Like how to add templates to stories to make it more engaging, how to reduce text on some placements since people won’t read it and how to add attention-grabbing headlines.

Step 4
The Results

40% increase in engagement

As soon as they started writing long-form story copy, there was a 40% increase in engagement. More people liked, shared and commented on their ads.

Reduce in Ads Cost

The amount of money they spent on ads reduced significantly because we turned off the ads they were not performing well and only retained the best-performing ads.

Campaign Analysis for Future Campaigns

We analysed the existing ads to determine the best placements, audience, age, location, gender, interests that brought the best results. Then we used this data to optimise their future campaigns.

More Leads

Thanks to the optimised Facebook ads, there were getting lots of leads who were interested in their services.


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