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COVID-19 Live Stat

COVID-19 Live Stat

Confirmed: 789,326

Deaths: 38,095 (5%)

Recovered: 166,442 (21%)

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Recipe Ecommerce Store

Recipe Ecommerce Store

StraightUp Access is a web based search engine that has developed an online database with 2,000 recipe’s that include average prices and calories for each item. This website was primarily developed with spirit suppliers and distributors in mind; however, restaurants will also benefit by using past recipe’s and having access to a huge portfolio of cocktails.

What was the goal of this project? 

StraightUp Access(SUS) approached Rareiio to create a simple WordPress site to help search through a database and allow you to not only find the perfect drink, but also gives you the ability to save all the recipes you choose to your desktop or to any folder or to create an online folder for your use.

What tech stack was used?



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