How Stefan built an online recruitment platform

at 1/3 Development Cost



Step 1
Start with Why

Stefan explained recruitment in the rail industry was lengthy and time-consuming due to complex industry regulations which needed to be manually checked. He wanted to change this by introducing a platform that streamlined and automated regulation checks long before a job was advertised enabling the entire contract hiring process to be conducted online.

Step 2

The solution we provided had to be sophisticated yet affordable. We realized that to do this in the most cost effective way possible whilst delivering high quality tech.


We had to build a solid software team for Stefan from outside Australia by leveraging our deep network of vetted global developers.

Step 3
How We Did It

With Rareiio, clients always had the option to hire a distributed team of development experts. Because of our global presence and 5 stage hiring process, we are able to bring together — affordability and quality. But Stefan, like a lot of founders we’ve worked with, had already hired a development team before us, and had horrible experiences with them. To make things smoother, our CEO assumed the role of a consultant CTO for him, and worked with him for 2 months on idealization, to create a development module that’d work for him with exact deliverable and timelines.

After hiring a global team of experts at 1/3rd cost, we immediately got them started on product research, feasibility analysis, and wire-framing

Before a project starts, we work closely with the client to design and create feasible versions of what a platform could look and feel like. With Rolespot, we built close to 140 design modules. Then Stefan did a market survey, took feedback, and we finally got to work. Other agencies might say this is too much work. Here at Rareiio we strongly uphold client satisfaction, and are often willing to make sure we do whatever’s necessary to ensure they’re happy.

Our team ensured that we designed the functionality of the site without compromising on the complex industry regulations that Rolespot had to adhere to

The biggest challenge was the complex industry regulations. We were designing a platform that would effectively streamline recruitment to save time and cost by 50 percent. Earlier the recruitment process involved manual 1-to-1 vetting of candidates, safety parameters, and checking of licences of engineers. We were effectively helping Rolespot disrupt the entire process. This meant we had to navigate difficult government regulations and ensure Rolespot strongly followed them.

Rareiio’s global team worked closely with the CTO to

Dramatically reduce loading time, ensure easy scannability, increase two-way responsiveness, and automate the entire process of recruitment.

Our distributed team of software engineers

Then worked in collaboration with Stefan to further improve the product as per industry requirements and user feedback.

Step 4
The Results

We Revolutionized the Railway Industry

Once developed, Stefan took his product to industry giants and was able to turn heads with his disruptive platform in just 2 weeks. Everyone had just ONE thing to say : love the idea, love the product!

Taking it to Market

Stefan loved Rareiio so much that we became their 360-degree solutions provider. He even hired our vetted team of digital marketers to scale the product with us.

Marketing Automation for Scalable Growth

Rareiio then helped Stefan automate his marketing through LinkedIn marketing automation to streamline his outreach. This allowed him to focus on closing partners while our marketing automation did the leg-work to bring him 100 partners / day.



Digital Marketing

Brand - UX/UI

Front-end Engineer



Project Manager

Product Designer

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