How we turned Samantha’s

processes into a CRM tool

Scout Corp CRM

Scout Corp CRM

Step 1
Start with Why

Samantha approached us after struggling to scale her business. She had no system to capture her customers’ information or to track customers activity. We were surprised to learn she wasn’t even using excel spreadsheets and was keeping everything in her head.

Step 2

Samantha approached us to help her create a system that would make it easy for here to capture her customers’ information and activities without having to second-guess things.


She had no visual representation of how her system would look. So, we at Rareiio we’re tasked with the responsibility to help Sam bring her vision to life by designing a system that was in line what she wanted.

Step 3
How we Did it

We started by creating a workflow using whimsical to understand her current process. We had multiple back and forth discussions with Samantha until we agreed on the best design and function of the system. Then we took it a notch higher by turning our hand-sketched wireframes to high fidelity clickable prototypes.

Step 4
The Results

The high fidelity clickable prototypes

allowed Samantha to visualise the outcome of her system. And guess what? Samantha loved it!


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