How Rareiio helped AHB build a Custom

Learning Management Solution

The Analyst Handbook

The Analyst Handbook

Step 1
Start With Why

At Rareiio we always try to understand the why. After speaking with Howard we discovered he wanted to help a new generation of financial analysts become high earning investment bankers. He wanted Rareiio to create a digital product which empowered him to share his knowledge and learning without using PDF document

Step 2

It was a tough challenge. Our team started ideating with Howard on what the best way would be to deliver a solution.


We quickly realized that to help Howard realize his dream, we needed to build a system where Howard had all the control to edit and update books anytime for his learners.

Step 3
How We Did It

The Vision was to create a custom Learning Management System that Howard could leverage to sell books online to aspiring investment bankers.

With a sharp focus

On consumer psychology and user experience we first helped Howard with strategy, brand direction, and mood board.

It was time for UX research, wire-framing, and prototyping.

Don't worry, this part's just techno-babble. Our team of global tech experts have combined decades of experience, so you never have to know what any of this means!

What was most important in UX was to mimic conventional book reading

by leveraging an innovative digital flip book experience to make the reading more seamless and visual.

Our Software development team brought it all to life

within a 8 week development period, using custom PHP code and WordPress CMS powering this tool

Our global team of marketing talent

then added automated email marketing integration and google analytics tracking to measure conversion of customers

Step 4
The Results

Achieved 20 subscribers within 1st week of launch!

Due to a diligent marketing plan, we saw the platform onboard 20 subscribers within 1 week!

100 visitors per day within 6 weeks of launch

We implemented a WordPress CMS and optimised the page which enabled Howard to obtain such high traffic at such a quick rate.

89% click-through due to optimized UI/UX.

Due to our UI UX design we saw a click-through rate of 89%



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