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Turtletot Childcare, Bexley

Turtletot Childcare, Bexley

Step 1
Start with Why

Hassan & Julie wanted to be known as the best Childcare Centre in Bexley. Since starting business they had focused on nothing other than improving their facilities, curriculum and their teams’ capacity. But they had failed to invest in digital. All their competitors were years ahead of them when it came to SEO and digital presence.

Step 2

So, in order to build their Digital Strategy, we had to begin from scratch. We knew that in order to attract more parents, we needed good quality Content and Backlinks to improve their authority on the web.


We started by creating newly designed pages, imagery and highly engaging content to build brand value, which would lead to more traffic for Hassan & Julie’s business

Step 3
How we Did it

We spent time researching keywords, competitors and google maps to understand how parents make decisions. Upon understanding, we decided to invest into creating high value content, undertake website optimisation and obtain backlinks for Turtletot, all to improve traffic to page.

We carried out a comprehensive digital audit

We carried out a comprehensive digital audit to find out long tail keywords which had high search volume, competitors backlinks and most highly ranked page. All this data helped us set up the digital strategy for Turtletot which would overtime take over the competition.

We then revamped the website content

Content writers were then engaged to rewrite the website copy and write high value blogs carefully injecting keywords into the website when it made sense to do so.

Our team went SEO Technical

Once the content strategy was finalized, our team conducted a Technical SEO audit to lay down the proper structure. We improved page speed, inserted local schema code to help Google better understand what the website was about.

We started investing in Google My Business

We asked Hassan and Julie to get more reviews, which they did. We started adding content, blogs, images, office hours and more info into Google My Business. The results of this meant 10x growth in traffic.

It was time to start obtaining backlinks

Our team then focused on registering Turtletot on other websites like Yelp, Careforkids, Superpages and Echildcare helping improve brand and domain authority within the Childcare space. In turn, this process started generating more traffic.

Step 4
The Results

271% increase in website traffic in comparison to 2019

Using onpage SEO, good structure and backlinking, our team was able to help Turtletot improve their website traffic dramatically. The website started ranking for 5 new high search volume Keywords.

Increased customer searches on Google

When Rareiio took over the task, Turtletot was getting just 849 searches on Google every month. This number increased to a whopping 5,877 times with a 592.3% increase in just 3 months.

A jump to the top on Google Local Pack

Turtletot’s ranking on Google Local Pack for high competition keywords improved, they started ranking on the top 2 for the most competitive keywords.

Increase in direct queries by 377.7%

An improved Google My Business profile led to a high influx of inquiries by parents. Turtletot received about 9 calls a month, this number increased to 43 a month in a span of 2 months.


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