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Rareiio Just Got Featured On SBS News!

By Mellonie Francis Fri Feb 28

Rareiio Just Got Featured On SBS News!
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SBS News just published an article on our founder! We thought we would share it with you! The title is very catchy right?

Her boss didn’t like her ideas, so she started her own company

Mellonie is chief executive of Rareiio, an IT agency based in Sydney that offers services of web design and development to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. The company mainly has staff overseas and Australia to help develop IT products.

Entrepreneurship journey

Mellonie started her career in the corporate world but recently established her IT business.

“I started thinking about my entrepreneurship journey six years ago before I even started.

“I wasn’t very happy at my work; it was a very hard time as I had a boss who didn’t appreciate what I wanted to do. The fact that I had different ideas it was sort of like; just do what you are paid to do, don’t do anymore.

“I was quite depressed that how do I get out, and I think that’s when the entrepreneurship sprout inside of me.

In the corporate world, sometimes someone else is leading your destiny or if you have an idea it could be very much ignored and you can’t follow through because you have a job to do.

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