Next wave of Covid19, should you still budget for digital marketing?

by M Ismail Tue Apr 7

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The ongoing lockdown in nearly all the countries of the world due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic is making people spend more time online now more than ever. Many adults now depend highly on the internet to do all sorts of things including working from home, connecting with friends, and taking classes. In periods like these, people are glued to social media while trying to stay in isolation as much as possible. 

However, the main concern of business owners is how to minimize the financial impact that this period may have on their businesses. Therefore, many business owners are having a hard time deciding whether or not to continue investing in SEO and digital marketing during this COVID-19 pandemic. To ease your decision-making process, below are six (6) 

questions to help you reach a decision if you should invest in SEO and digital marketing, particularly in these crucial times.

1. Do you see your industry existing post-COVID-19?

At times like these, it is important to take your industry’s long term vision into consideration. Know what your position within your marketplace would be like over the coming. Do you see your industry existing in the next few months and post COVID-19? What impact is that long term planning going to have on your industry after COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past (like every other pandemic that has come and gone)

2. Do you think your customers will use search engines and be online more after COVID-19

It is believed that the number of internet users has significantly shot up in the wake of COVID-19. Customers use search engines more to meet their needs right now. At these crucial times, people have learned how to spend more time online and they are getting used to it more. Therefore, people are more likely to stick to this new lifestyle after COVID-19.

3. Do you think that the importance of digital marketing will grow? 

Home isolation, as an emergency protocol to contain the virus, has made more people turn to the internet as a communication lifeline during these times. The fact that more people are glued to their smartphones and PCs has resulted in the highest number of people seen online at the moment in the history of the world. Therefore, business owners should see digital marketing as the most effective way to acquire more customers.

4. Do you think investing more in search engine optimization now is going to pay dividends for you in the future? 

During this period, some industries and businesses are likely to pull back or stop investing in their SEO and digital marketing strategies to minimize financial impacts.

Is this the time to take over your competitors? Is this the time to leverage the current situation and get ahead of your competition? 

Smart businesses will invest more in their SEO and digital marketing right now to overtake competitions in the coming months.

5. Are you wanting to play a long term game? 

As a business owner, you should always look at digital marketing as a long term strategy, it is a 6-9 month investment before you see a really high return. By stopping it will only slow down your ranking on google.

Bottom Line:

There is no better time to position yourself above your competition to leverage on the surge of new traffic and conversion that are coming online. If you are still thinking whether or not to pull back or continue investing in SEO and digital marketing campaigns, the six (6) questions highlighted above would help you to form the best decision. As a business owner, you are only left with two options. Embrace being a victim, pull back efforts, and brace for little to no result. Or continue to invest in your SEO and digital marketing and leverage this situation as an opportunity to get ahead.


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