UI UX Designer

Dear creative designers
If you’ve been searching through countless lifeless job listings…
Almost slipping into a deep coma from the “We’re looking for a highly experienced design professional... blah blah blah” job adverts...
And you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to join a high growth startup digital agency…Then this will be the most important job listing you ever read.
Here’s why...
My name is Mellonie Francis and I am looking for a well rounded designer to join my team.

But not any old designer

You must be a fire-breathing designer. Someone who can

  • Undertake product research 
  • Draw a user flow chart
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes and modify them with product owner
  • Use mobile first approach to create the best UI and UX design
  • Optimize the design to improve the usability of the product.
  • Create both mobile and web apps designs using adobe XD and illustrator 
  • Use Invision to create click by click designs experiences
  • We have a dedicated front-end team, so you will need to work with them to implement your ideas

There is nothing you can’t do. You are willing to learn anything 
If needed you will learn marketing

If needed you will get across video or animation
Now, a little about me…
I run Rareiio.
We are a full-service digital marketing agency that is growing FAST!
But it’s not just me.
My business consists of…
A global team of 20 Most Passionate Bunch Of Lunatic Marketers You’ve Ever Worked With...
We have been featured in SBS, clutch and worked with companies like PWC, NAB bank and more

But Before You Get ALL Excited…I’ll Stop You There...
Because this role won’t be easy.
We’re a fast-paced agency who demands nothing but the very best.
We have hundreds of clients in every niche you can think of…
From education businesses to SAAS businesses
And we’re truly and an end-to-end agency.
We design, code and build...
  1. Landing pages
  2. Products
  3. Software
  4. Mobile Apps
  5. Websites
  6. Webinars
  7. Video Sales Letters
  8. You name it we do it.
It's quite a workload.
And, as such…
We’re looking for a super sharp design weapon to join the tribe.
Not only someone who knows design, but someone who can communicate that value to clients alongside a team of other passionate marketers.
Maybe you’ve been a ‘lone wolf’ for too long, and you’re looking for a change...Looking to be a part of something bigger.

Or maybe you’ve been stagnating at a company with no growth prospects and want to be surrounded by a team of hungry winners.
No two days in this role will be the same.

Our ideal candidate will have an ‘I got this’ attitude...they will be solution-focused with a proven track record of crafting winnings campaigns.
You will have to possess the ability to run through walls to get to a solution.
And won’t be the type of person who throws their hands in the air and gives up at the first sight of a challenge.
What will your everyday work look like? Will it be boring?
Well, let me just say this...
The Ever Changing Niches Our Clients Operate In Will Keep Your Workday Varied And Far From Boring!
For example...
One day you might be brainstorming an irresistible ad idea…
And the next day you might be designing a mobile appl.
Or problem shooting a campaign that is not converting within KPIs.
So...If you’ve been looking for your opportunity to get your foot in the door with a fast-growing company...
Take ownership of a multitude of projects and prove you have what it takes to succeed…
Then this job description has no doubt been like a breath of refreshingly crisp winter air…

What we're offering:

  • Extensive training and full support - we take training very seriously and will provide you with the industry's very best training, giving you the knowledge and confidence needed for greatness.
  • Generous salary - we want Australia's best talent and reward as such.
  • Remote working or work from our offices at 11 York Street, Sydney
  • Driven and vibrant team of the country's most switched-on digital marketers and growth experts (who actually walk the walk).
  • Amazing growth prospects and upward mobility in our fast-paced agency.
Here’s What To Do Next...
Please take the time to undertake the screening test seriously 
Not some wishy-washy response

So you can stand out
If you can’t take the time to do this.
Please don’t waste my time or yours by applying.
Best of luck.
P.S. If this job description excited you even just a little bit. And you believe that you are indeed the marketing demigod I'm looking for.
Then please write and send your design ASAP as we're currently interviewing for this position and I'm sure it will get filled fast.
Who knows. Maybe it will be a fit and maybe it won't.

And maybe, just maybe, this will turn out to be the best job you've ever had.

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UI UX Designer


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