Telemarketer in the Philippines

I am looking for a battled-hardened sales rep to join my team who can do cold calling and follow up warm leads.
You must have a USA or Australian accent.
You must have a persistent follow up mentality, can get on cold calls and talk to people (although number of our calls are WARM leads which need qualifying)!
You get that sales don't just happen
It requires a hunter
A follow up mindset with hunger to close
I'm after someone who 'never stops' or 'gives up'
A mindset of:
There is nothing I can’t do.
I won't stop
Most of our clients are in tech / SAAS so sales experience in this section will be a huge plus.
Here’s What To Do Next...
Please record yourself pitching a linkedin marketing agency proposition. You must try to convince me to invest in linkedin social media posting for my personal brand.
If you can’t take the time to do this.
Please don’t waste my time or yours by applying.

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Telemarketer in the Philippines


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