The Roundup Of 10 Worst Designed Websites In 2020!

by M Ismail Wed Feb 12

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Having a website adds to your credibility as a business owner.

But what drives people away from a website faster than a speeding train?

A bad website design.

Website visitors want an interface that is user-friendly and gives them a mind-blowing user experience.

If your website doesn’t tick all the right boxes, you are bound to experience a high bounce rate.

So when you design a website, what are the important factors to consider?

Do you prioritize appealing aesthetic? Or adding unique and trendy effects?

Although the interface is important, the user experience provides a satisfactory outcome.

If you opt for a custom web design, you must remember that the functionality of your website is more significant than the interface.

When designing a website, you should be able to present your ideas or product in a precise way.

How To Design A Website With Good Functionality

Contacting a professional web design and development company is your best bet when opting for a custom web design.

Professional web designers can help you design a website from scratch, and easily turn your vision into reality.

The following are some key factors of good web design:

  • Simple layout
  • Attractive themes and color pattern
  • Well-organized content and design features
  • Aesthetically pleasing interface

It is also crucial to stay mindful of common mistakes when it comes to web design, and how they can be evaded.

Let’s look at a few worst designed websites to get an idea of some of these mistakes:

Top 10 Badly Designed Website

1. Arngren

One of the things users look out for when they visit a website is a proper structure that helps them navigate around.

Unfortunately, Arngren’s website lacks every bit of it. It’s all over the place.

The poor grid and navigational structure combined with the overwhelming content, graphic, random color themes and typography makes this website an eyesore.

A good website design has a proper structure and ensures everything is in the right and relevant place. 

2. Yale School of Art

For a “school of art” in such a prestigious school, you’d at least expect their website to look visually appealing.

However, the Yale School of Art website is the exact opposite.

It leaves you wondering whether it was designed by professionals or a bunch of five-year-olds.

The navigational structure is nothing to write home about, the poor typography and overwhelming amount of text make it unreadable.

Also, the random use of colours and images will leave website visitors with more eye pain than when they first visited the page.

3. Irish Wrecks Online

You’d be forgiven for thinking this website was designed by a sailor rather than a professional web designer.

Because it looks like it was quickly put together without much thought process.

Irish Wrecks Online has a poor navigational structure, numerous fonts, and random use of colours.

Having a simple one-page website isn’t a crime but it should at least resemble one.

4. Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc

This website has a mixed color palette with strong color choices.

However, the theme of Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc looks outdated and bland.

It utilizes conflicting background and text colors that make it difficult for users to read and comprehend the text.

Furthermore, the navigation is also difficult for the users.

All the aforementioned factors combined are a recipe for web design disaster.

A good web design should have a decent and concise design and interface and should comfort the visitor’s eyes. 

5. Gatesnfences

The most important feature of navigation for a website is obvious.

Website visitors should be able to know the next steps to take, and the necessary actions they should take to reach their desired result.

The navigation must be appealing to the eye and should be accessible for the user on the top of the webpage.

Avoid confusing your user and opt for a website with a good navigational structure. 

Gatesnfences website does none of that. It has an overwhelming amount of text, poor navigation structure, random use of colours and images.

It could really use a complete overhaul.

6. Bzyy Paintings

For a website that sells paintings, you’d at least expect the website to look eye-catching.

After all…charity they say begins at home.

But not this website.

To start with, it has a terrible alignment structure which makes it hard to use.

There’s also the case of bad navigation and poor usage of text.

Bzyy Paintings website does little or job convincing people to actually pay for paintings.

A well-designed website is key to getting more conversions for your business.

7. Peters Buss

If this website was designed by a web designer, then he needs to take colour lessons…

Because the poor use of multiple colours on this page throws you off balance the minute you visit.

There’s no consistency in Peters Buss website

Also, it will take you up to five minutes or even more to decipher the exact services this website offers.

Is it a boat cruise or a spa section.

For a company that has been in the bus industry for 32 years, you’d think they would have learned a thing or two about the importance of having a well-designed website.

No menu, poor navigational structure, various use of fonts and so much more.

This website leaves a lot to be desired.

8. Lings Car

If someone tells you this website is for leasing cars, you’ll hardly believe it.

Because it does a terrible job of communicating it at first glance.

On visiting the website, you are welcomed with annoying music that immediately puts you off.

There is no grid, poor navigational structure, overwhelming use of images and random use of colours.

There’s just too much happening on the website that makes you do nothing noteworthy but leave almost immediately.

9. Mednat

This website claims “health is in your hands” but after spending 5 – 10 minutes on their site, you begin to doubt the statement.

There’s an overwhelming amount of text on the homepage, bad navigational structure, poor colour usage with no clear call to action of the next thing to do.

It looks more like a Wikipedia page than an actual website.

If you are looking for natural medicine, you’d find better luck somewhere else.

10. Cosmoplanes

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that this website wasn’t built by a professional web designer because there’s nothing professional about it.

To start with the badly-designed logo takes almost half of the entire screen.

Then there’s the menu section is unusually long for a menu.

The background, font, colour and entire design just feels off and doesn’t entice people to remain on the website.

It could really use a better design and structure to have any chance of succeeding in today’s digital market.


There you have it!

A roundup of the top 10 badly designed websites in 2020.

This list shows you exactly how bad website designs can affect your business and how to avoid them in the future.

A custom web design means a well-designed interface with high functionality.

It also needs to take into account aesthetics, usability, graphics and content.

Need a professional web design or redesign, feel free to contact us.


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