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by M Ismail Fri Apr 3

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If you are an educational institute or someone who wants to provide online education you will need a learning management system at some point. Deciding which learning platform is right for you is challenging, therefore I want to lay out all the options for you, in the hope it can help you choose the right LMS system for you! 

Firstly, what is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a web-based platform that helps you automate training and educational courses. With an LMS you can compile all your learning materials in one place and make them available to all the learners or students in just one click. You can create different segments and different course learners according to their levels and grades. You may assign them a single course or test or a series of materials and easily track each learner’s progress. 

Who needs an LMS right now? 

During this time when there is a complete lockdown, educational institutes can benefit from an LMS as it gives businesses an opportunity to take their businesses online and engage their students to continue to learn online, 

Time to decide on a LMS 

We did hours of research and put together this near table to help you choose and compare top LMS:

It is understandable to be overwhelmed right now but we will help you make an informed and right decision for your business. 

As you can see from the table above, there is so many features each LMS has (and does not have). The price range is wife from $1k to $25k+ per year! 

What you need to ask yourself is, do I need:

  1. Tests, quizzes and assessment 
  2. Do I need mobile applicators based LMS or is desktop only font 
  3. Do I need the LMS to be customisable for new features and branding 

Tests Quizzes and Assessment

This feature allows you to conduct quizzes, the really good one allows you to have quizzes after every topic, ensuring knowledge retention in students. It helps you evaluate the progress of the students and equips you to run the whole program remotely when necessary. 

LMS available on Mobile

As per a survey, most people learn and take classes online at their own time and convenience, this makes having the learning materials on a flexible and responsive platform. In this case, compatibility and multiple-device support become the priority to you. Making the LMS incredibly user-friendly is important as you don’t want your students to be searching through for materials and assignments for too long. 

Customization Options

Customization gives you options to add new features like gamification elements, enrollment, and attendance, fast checkout, certificates which might not be part of your current LMS but maybe something you may want/need in the future. 

It is advisable to think long term and go for a solution that lets you customize and make the LMS your own and make it seem like a branch of your brand and business, rather than a separate entity. 


There are so many Learning Management Systems out there that the job of finding the right one that works best for you is quite difficult. 

These are difficult times and you might want a solution right away, that’s why I compiled all the relevant information in one place to help you make an informed decision. I have drilled down the best ones available in the market.

If used right, the right LMS can significantly help you in addressing the respective needs of your online learners in this current situation and later when things get back to normal.

If you need more specialized insight to determine which LMS is right for you, then then book in a call with my team so we can help you pick the best LMS for you. 


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